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The dominations

From 1441 Ravenna passed under the dominion of the Venetian Republic, that adopted an efficient administration and a finance policy that within few years healed the economy of the city.  The walls were rebuilt and a new fortress was built in defence of the city centre: the Rocca Brancaleone.

After complex military and diplomatic struggles that characterized the beginning of the XVI Century, the city passed permanently under the Church’s control. In that context the famous Battle of Ravenna took place: the biggest and bloodiest conflict of the Modern Era that was fought between French and Spanish (allied of the Italians) on Easter Day 1512 and ended with the papal defeat and the sack of the city by the French.

Despite the defeat, through ups and downs,  the city remained under the control of the Church until 1859. During this period Ravenna lived troubled moments of civil wars at local level, and even temporary breaks of dominion by the French, Austrian, English, until the arrival of Napoleon. In this century the most significant progress was, with no doubts, the hydraulic reorganization of all the territory, a work that replaced the former one wanted by the Signoria Da Polenta, which had already proved to be inefficient against the floods that damaged the city.

In conclusion, in the XIX Century, Ravenna participated to the Risorgimento, and in this context it’s worth a mention the arduous procedures with which, in 1849, the patriots of  Ravenna saved Giuseppe Garibaldi from capture by the Austrian hand.

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