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Local Educational Museum of S. Pietro in Campiano

The Museo Didattico del Territorio di San Pietro in Campiano (San Pietro in Campiano Local Educational Museum) consists of two main sections: the Archaeological and the Ethnographic Section. The former is located on the ground floor of the building, the latter on the upper floor. The archaeological collections reconstruct the history of local peoples from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. Specifically, the exhibition focuses on aspects of everyday life. The special museum setting facilitates the understanding of archeological artifacts, by placing them in their own contexts. In the building, there is also a classroom provided with educational materials at visitors' disposal.

The activities proposed by the museum comply with the principles of the so-called “active teaching methodology” and are consequently direct and practical. In many cases, workshops take place directly in the classrooms. A typical feature of the museum is the close cooperation of students and teachers with the aim of identifying specific interests. Therefore, it is possible to go into single topics, project specific activities and participate in guided tours.


Opening hours

Because of the Covid-19 Emergency, the museum is closed to the public until new ministerial dispositions.

Entrance fee

Free admission | Educational workshops: €4

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