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Rasponi Crypt and Roof Gardens of "Provincia" Palace

The “Provincia” Palace (Palazzo della Provincia) was built between 1925 and 1928 and designed by architect Giulio Ulisse Arata from Piacenza. In the building, the Neo-Romantic style combines with some Byzantine-like elements.

The Palace was erected on the 17th century Rasponi Palace, that used to be a patrician residence. In 1886 it was converted into a hotel, then destroyed by fire in 1922 and re-built in 1926. The only evidences of the original palace are the Crypt and the Roof passage suspended on Via Santi, that are included in architectural structures of different eras.

Although originally intended to be the funeral chapel of the Rasponi family, the little Rasponi Crypt (Cripta Rasponi) was never used for this purpose. It is the most ancient part of the complex and is divided into three spaces: the entrance, corresponding to the base of a Neo-Gothic tower from the 19th century; a room containing a stone sphere with the inscription "sic vita pendet ab alto” and another room with a small altar for religious ceremonies. The most interesting part of the crypt is the mosaic floor, originally belonging to the 6th century Church of San Severo (located in Classe). Its colourful decoration consists of ornamental patterns and animal figures (hens, ducks, geese, ram heads and snakes), depicted in spontaneous positions and brightened up by enamels.

The Roof Gardens (Giardini Pensili) show a nice fountain and a Neo-Gothic tower. Visitors can enter the near terrace situated on the 1839 vault from the roof passage overlooking Piazza San Francesco which used to connect Rasponi Palace to its horse stables and warehouses.


Opening hours 

Until 6 October
Every day: 10am - 2pm
Special late opening on Saturday 5 October for the Notte d'Oro: 10am - 11pm

From 7 October
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Ticket prices

Ticket: €2
Concession (students, accompanying person for disabled people), valid also for groups (of at least 15 people): €1
School groups: €0.50
Free admission: children (under 6 years old); journalists; disabled people; RavennAntica Friends, Italian tour guides; group leaders; soldiers; Mibac members
Guided tour for groups: €40

Combined ticket (Cripta Rasponi + Domus dei Tappeti di Pietra + Tamo): €7


The highest terraces and the crypt are NOT accessible to disabled people.

How to get there

The Palace is located in the car-free zone of the city centre. Bus stop 20m away for all bus routes; car park 50m away, coach park 20m away, partly accessible for wheelchairs. Close to the Basilica of S. Francesco, Dante's tomb, Quadrarco di Braccioforte and Dante Museum, St. Nicolò, Classense Library and Risorgimento Museum.

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