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The Cappelletti, also known as caplèt, are a traditional dish of local cuisine. It is a pasta cut into squares, filled with cheese (cottage cheese, raviggiolo or casatella, Parmesan), closed in order to obtain a particular hat shape, similar to the tortellini, but larger.

In Romagna cappelletti are a Christmas must dish.
As Pellegrino Artusi, in his Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well, describes the recipe for Cappelletti of Romagna use with pork (recipe no. 7), stuffed with ricotta cheese (or ricotta and raviggiolo), breast of capon or loin of pork to be cooked in capon broth, more archaic tradition, at least in the Forlì area, is to wrap the filling of cappelletti meatless, as reported by Michael Placucci in his famous work, "Uses and prejudices of the peasants of Romagna".

The cappelletti “of Romagna use” are cooked and eaten in capon broth, or can be also served "dry" with meat sauce (Recipe).

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