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“Piada” or “piadina” can be rightly considered the most traditional among the local specialties of Romagna, so much so that poet Giovanni Pascoli defined it “the national food of people from Romagna” (Recipe).

It is a sort of unleavened flat bread of circular shape, obtained from a dough made from flour, lard, salt and water, flattened using a rolling pin and hands. It is usually cooked on a “testo” (a terracotta baking tin with a low edge) or on a regular pan or metal board.

Its features vary according to the production area. In the areas of Ravenna and Forlì piadina has a reduced diameter (c. 20 cm) and it is nearly 1 cm thick. It is different from the area of Rimini where it tends to be much thinner but with a greater diameter.

It can be eaten as a replacement for bread and can accompany any dish during the meal. However it is usually folded in half and filled with a variety of cold cuts, cheeses and vegetables, but also with sweet spreads and jams. It is often accompanied by good red wine (Sangiovese if possible).


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