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Handicrafts and Shopping

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Nowadays, the great tradition of the mosaic in Ravenna revives thanks to the work of many mosaicists, artists and restorers who are contributing to the perpetuation of this ancient art. The studios of renowned mosaic artists like Ines Morigi Berti, Marco Bravura, Felice Nittolo, Alessandra Caprara, Enzo Scianna, Luciana Notturni, Silvana Costa, Isotta Fiorentini Roncuzzi and Luca Barberini, that produce and sell valuable mosaic objects, populate the city centre and its surroundings.

One of the most typical handicraft products of Romagna is the hand-printed fabric, realized using the traditional tools. According to an ancient technique, a colouring paste made of minerals of different colours is applied on the hand-carved moulds, among which the unmistakable rust colour that results from the combination of iron oxide with flour and wine vinegar.

Another living tradition in Ravenna is the production of the Byzantine embroidery, an oriental needlework, that dates back from the Exarchate of Ravenna. At that time, the embroidery was used the for the decoration of the garments of the exarchs and of their courtiers. An example of the so-called “voile of Classe” is on display at the National Museum in Ravenna, that also preserves some 9th century embroideries.

Ravenna is a shopping destination too: the shops spread all over the city, the annual and local street markets crowding the streets and squares and the well-stocked shopping centres which can suit all needs.