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Teatro Socjale • Winter 2017/2018

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Teatro Socjale • Winter 2017/2018
Teatro Socjale - via Piangipane, 153 - Piangipane
Dates: 24/02/2018, 02/03/2018, 03/03/2018, 09/03/2018, 16/03/2018...

In Piangipane all is set for the 28th edition of Teatro Socjale, a festival combining quality performances and great artists. This year, moreover, a great news: the THEATRE

The objective remains a wide offer of shows that are able to keep together well-known artists (a particular devotion this year goes to female voices) and new promises from our territory.

Admission exclusively for Arci associates.


Doors open at 9pm | Show begins at 10pm 

Friday 23 February

Tango Spleen Orquesta
On stage, the Tango Spleen Orquesta: it was born from an idea of the Argentinian musician Mariano Speranza. The orchestra co-worked with several important Argentinian tango masters such as Oscar Benavidez, who is a well-known name in the tango field, who danced with Troilo e Piazzolla.
Admission-fee: € 12

Friday 2 March

Homage to Edith Piaf
The unforgettable songs of the great French singer are on stage: it is a homage to Edith Piaf with the voice of Daniela Piccari voice. Dimitri Sillato will perform at the piano and violin, Andrea Alessi at the bass. The artists will deal with the musical tradition of the French chansonniers to reinterpret their greatest classics.
Admission-fee: 10€

Friday 9 March
Raimondo Raimondi and his last album “Isole”
This artist from Ravenna, very capable with the ancient chords and composer, will be the protagonist of a Friday dedicated to ethno-jazz, Brazilian and - of course - Italian contaminations.
Raimondo Raimondi • guitar, Caterina Sangiorgi • flute, Eleonora Poletti • violin, Roberto Bartoli • bass, Stefano Calvano • ethnic drums and percussion instruments, Agide Brunelli • clarinet, Tiziano Berardi • cello, Gianluca Berardi • marimba and accordion, Giuseppe Zanca • trumpet and horn
Admission-fee: 12€

Friday 16 March

Servillo - Girotto - Mangalavite con parientes
The Socjale hosts the coolest event of the second part of the season with the Peppe Servillo Trio i.e. Servillo-Girotto-Mangalavite and their show Parientes: it is a travel into the music by Astor Piazzola, Domenico Modugno, Lucio Dalla, Osvaldo Pugliese… This evening wants to be a homage to Fausto Mesolella and his capability to amaze with his guitar the whole public of Piangipane, with his little Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel, Nada and much more. The voice of Peppe Servillo is accompanied by Natalio Mangalavite at the piano and Javer Girotto at the saxes
Admission-fee: 20€

Friday 23 March
The 28th season of the Teatre Socjale ends with the singer-songwriter Italiano Zibba who presents his new album Le Cose. Zibba meets success thanks to the award Premi della Critica at the 2014 Sanremo Festival. During his career, he won some of the most prestigious prizes of the Italian music, such as the Targa Tenco for the best album (Come il suono dei passi sulla neve, 2012) and the Premio Bindi.
Admission-fee: €18


Doors open at 8.30pm | Show begins at 9pm

Saturday 24 February

Arianna Porcelli Safonov
With Il Riding Tristocomico

The Rìding Tristocomico has a mission: to lit up little hotbeds of intellectual rioting that awaken the Italian minds from the mediatic, political and cultural rubbish that overwhelm them. The Rìding Tristocomico intends to bring back hope to the most sceptical public, even those who think they have only two options: the brain drain or the on-the-sofa drain. Arianna Porcelli Safonov slaps the public trying the mental defibrillation through a clever smile 
Admission-fee: 10€

Saturday 3 March

Uomo a Vapore
By Roberto Mercadini and Fiorenzo Mengozzi

The last theatrical show of the season is dedicated to an actual topic: the digitalisation. Where are we going? Life is at a whirling speed, and people are forced to multitasking and to a constant connection. There is never time and people were happier when everything was slower, human-sized. Slowness does not mean only to go slowly, it means to pay attention, to be aware and to listen, to live intesely and to enjoy every moment. The challenge is to find a new balance. Everyone has to find a new way to be the "steam man" (that means uomo a vapore). The show reflects and makes you reflect on all these aspects with irony and intelligence: future, past, time, technology, transformations. Stories and story-telling, mechanic lullabies, gear sounds of other times, ancient and modern instruments, where the  quest always hides a paradox behind the corner
Admission-fee: 10€




Venerdì 19 gennaio
Classica Orchestra Afrobeat
Plays Fela Kuti
13 musicisti di estrazione mista classica, barocca, popolare, diretta da Marco Zanotti, l’Orchestra Afrobeat crea una terra di confine in cui si mescolano le sonorità e peculiarità espressive degli strumenti della tradizione colta europea, come archi, legni e clavicembalo con le percussioni, i canti e le poliritmie africane. Il concerto è un omaggio a Fela Kuti, il genio musicale e il ribelle politico africano.
Ingresso a pagamento: 13€


Venerdì 26 gennaio
Cisco il dinosauro
Stefano “Cisco” Bellotti proporrà due ore di musica con brani tratti dal suo album e composizioni storiche che hanno segnato il suo percorso artistico realizzato insieme a una delle più importanti band del panorama musicale italiano, i Modena City Ramblers appunto.
Ingresso a pagamento: 15€

Venerdì 2 febbraio
La storia di Romagna & di Casadei
Una serata dedicata al Maestro Secondo Casadei, la sua musica sarà interpretata fedelmente dalla tradizionale orchestra romagnola La Storia Di Romagna. Riccarda Casadei, figlia del Maestro, introdurrò la serata con alcuni racconti del padre. Interventi di Patrizia Ceccarelli, Franco Felisatti, Christian Ravaglioli, Giuliano Paco Ciabatta e i ballerini "alla Casadei" della scuola di ballo Mapassi
Ingresso a pagamento: 12€

Venerdì 9 febbraio
Burlesque show - Vera Dragone & Giuditta Sin
Live concert and Burlesque Tableau Vivant: troverete un salotto intimo in cui trascorrere una piacevole serata con due artiste che vi porteranno nel mondo dell'erotismo dei primi del secolo, con un repertorio composto da canzoni d'epoca. Ovvero il jazz nella sua dimensione originaria. Uno spettacolo che vi trasporfteò nel periodo proibizionista della Chicado degli anni '20
Ingresso a pagamento: 15€

Venerdì 10 febbraio
Popa Chubby - Soul, blues e R&B
Un evento unico, fuori programma, che vede sul palco uno dei grandi bluesman americani: Popa Chubby che si ripresenta con un doppio Cd live, Big Bad and Beautiful; ben 27 tracce live registrate in Francia che includono una vasta selezione dei suoi classici quali Angel on My Shoulder e Over The Rainbow accanto ad alcuni brani dei Rolling Stones!
Ingresso a pagamento: 18€

Friday 16 February

Tawiah & The Windmills band
For this music travel, Tawiah has chosen a series of original songs and well-known international covers. The public will be carried away by the vibrations and sounds that this artist transmits with her extraordinary voice. Improvisation will find space as well, during the evening, in order to give energy and amusement to all the audience.
Admission-fee: 12€


Doors open at 8.30pm | Show begins at 9pm

Saturday 3 February
Secondo lui. L’Amore ai tempi del Valzer
With Giorgio Comaschi

This exhibition is dedicated to Secondo Casadei. The music by Casadei reflects the territory, the period, the costumes and the society of the period after the War, as well as the economic rebirth and the new forms of amusement. It has been the soundtrack of many couples who met, fell in love, got married, where the physical contact and that between a man and a woman were not easy at all. The script has been written by Giorgio Comaschi in collaboration with Riccarda Casadei, the daughter of Secondo. The music has been taken from the repertoire of Secondo Casadei, the original music are by Giuliano Ciabatta, curated by Edizioni Musicali Casadei Sonora with the family, on the stage also Comaschi.
Admission-fee: 10€

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Teatro Socjale - via Piangipane, 153 - Piangipane

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