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Ravenna Festival • Young artists for Dante 2019

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Ravenna Festival • Young artists for Dante 2019
Ancient Franciscan Cloisters - Via Dante Alighieri, 2/A
Dates: from 06/06/2019 to 14/07/2019
Hours: 11am

Also, this year at the Ravenna Festival Young artists for Dante comes back.
From 6 June to 14 July, every morning the Ancient Franciscan Cloisters will give the opportunity to young artists to tell Dante Alighieri through their exhibitions.

Admission fee: €1

From 5 to 11 July

Teleion Τέλειοz
Fragments of Ancient Greek Music

Camilla Lopez vocals and percussion
Matteo Ramon Arevalos piano, prepared piano, and percussions

Sound machines Shruti box and electronic tanpura
Translation and transliteration of the ancient texts curated by Dimitris Soukoulis

As the title of this year’s Festival pays homage to Dante’s meeting with Ulysses in the Inferno, and to Greece as the cradle of the Western civilization, pianist Matteo Ramon Arevalos and actress-singer Camilla Lopez explore the largely unknown universe of music in Ancient Greece.

From 12 to 14 July

Malafesta Theatre Company
Bob Dylan in Hell
A Journey through Dante’s Inferno with Bob Dylan’s songs

Based on L’inferno di Bob Dylan (Arcana Edizioni 2018) by Luca Grossi
With Vinx Lamarmora
Enrico Gardini guitar and vocals
Gianluca Morelli piano and programming

What has singer-songwriter, Bob Dylan, to do with poet Dante Alighieri? Dylan’s album Blood on the Tracks, released in 1975, bears the marks of damned souls, hollow places, deadly sins; but also features – in the song Tangled Up in Blue – a mention of Dante’s verses, whose words “rang true and glowed like burnin’ coal” 



From 6 to 8 June

L'amore Degli Angeli
The Love of the Angels. Surreal songs about the Divine Comedy

Created by the students of Liceo Artistico “Nervi-Severini” di Ravenna

Once upon a time, artists invoked the Muses before starting their work; even Dante invoked them at the beginning of every Cantica. Nowadays, the concepts of ‘poetic’ and ‘artistic’ have almost lost their meaning: is it still possible to create beautiful and meaningful works, an art which is not an end itself or sheers provocation and vanity on the artists’ part? Dante’s works and Giulio Bergonzoli’s statue The Love of the Angels, dating back to 1863 and whose original plaster is conserved in the Fine Arts Academy in Ravenna, are the starting point for a reflection on the meaning of art-making in the present day.

From 9 to 15 June (Show canceled on Tuesday, 11 June)

Who Cares?
Dialogues between choreographers of the Mediterranean countries

Part of Sedimenti
A section of the project Petrolio. Uomo e Natura nell’era dell’Antropocene
Associazione Basilicata 1799
A project of
 Matera 2019 – European Capital of Culture

Co-produced by Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019 and Associazione Basilicata 1799
Partnership with Associazione Culturale Cantieri, Associazione Culturale Danza Urbana, Asociación Cultural Las Voces Humanas, Associazione Mosaico Danza, Cooperativa Anghiari Dance Hub, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Ravenna Festival, Maqamat Beit El Raqs, Network Anticorpi XL

Sedimenti organiser Massimo Carosi
Tutor Marco Mazzoni
Mentors Omar Rajeh, Selina Bassini
Production director Luca Nava

Choreographers Bassam Abou Diab (Lebanon), Yeinner Chicas (Spain-Nicaragua),
Olimpia Fortuni (Italy), Leonardo Maietto (Italy)

The Mediterranean is the focus and heart of this project, as a “sea surrounded by lands” whose vocation is to unite rather than separate. Devising methods for sharing and co-creating, and involving choreographers with different background, training, vision, represents a pivotal cultural challenge, and a chance to activate new routes of choreographic research.

From 16 to 20 June

Dante 2K21 [Il Ghibellin frainteso]

By Riccardo Tabilio
With Ludovico D’Agostino, Francesca Fatichenti, Ivo Randaccio
Direction Fiammetta Perugi

Summer 2121, Ravenna: eight centuries after Dante’s death, scholars wonder about the meaning of his Commedia, which has become incomprehensible in an age dominated by automatic translators. But a bizarre device might hold the key to the mystery of Dante’s masterpiece. Dante 2k21 is a play that questions the paradox of a classic masterpiece which is both too and too little known and studied: should we hold on to the purity of its original language, even if it has lost its meaning, or rather translate and adapt it with the risk of betraying the original text?

From 21 to 27 June

Le Stelle di Dante
A show for marionettes, actors, poets, scientists, and aliens

By and with Mariasole Brusa e Gianluca Palma
In collaboration with Teatro del Drago

Robotic aliens Moka and Hertz are passionate about all finds from that odd and far-away planet called Earth. The chance to learn its secrets is offered by the discovery of the work of a certain Dante, whom the aliens believe to be a scientist and an explorer describing the actual fauna and morphology of his planet.

From 28 June to 4 July

Malebolge Club
Il Canto Dei Diavoli

By and with Franco Costantini, Cesare Flamigni, Giovanna Vigilanti
With the participation of the students and parents of ICS di Russi “A. Baccarini”
Anita Aleotti, Olivia Aleotti, Nicoletta Bacchi, Jenny Carraro, Alessandro Cellini, Sandro Cellini, Sara Cellini, Viola Gennari, Diego Massimo Langone, Andrea Mazzoni, Martina Mazzoni, Natan Morcio, Alessio Salvatori, Annalisa Salvatori, Francesco Spada, Margherita Spada, Michela Zama, Nicola Zauli

Management Jessica Berti

In collaboration with Mario Arnaldi and Luca Felloni
Thanks to Associazione Culturale “La Grama” (San Pancrazio)

The XXI Canto of Dante’s Inferno - also known as the “Canto of the demons” - is the most theatrical, comical, and satirical of the entire Commedia. Here, corrupt politicians are immersed in boiling pitch, and here, the worst species of demons live: the Malebranche! As the poet describes these demons also as clumsy, playful, quick-tempered pranksters, the play Il Canto Dei Diavoli features a group of children in the role of the demons, all identified with today’s stereotypes.

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