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Comico d'Autore • Theatre Season 2019

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Comico d'Autore • Theatre Season 2019
Dante Alighieri Theatre - via Mariani, 2
Dates: 12/02/2019, 19/03/2019, 09/05/2019
Hours: 9pm

On the occasion of the theatre event Comico d'Autore, will be on the stage of the Dante Alighieri Theatre some famous Italian comedy actors. Four dates will entertain the audience, giving a flippant and extremely brilliant show. All plays will be in Italian

Tickets (tickets are sold at the theatre ticket office starting from 8pm of the show evening)

Stalls, 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd-tier box: 24€; concession 22€
4th-tier box and balcony: 20€; concession 18€ 
Gallery: 12€
* Concessions available for CRAL, over 65, under 26, and Carta Bianca Comune di Ravenna and YoungER Card owners.

Thursday, 9 May

Trascendi e sali
Con Alessandro Bergonzoni

A performance where the uncovering follows and precedes the disappearance, where humour does not follow the constant rhythm and where sometimes the artistic roots are shown to be immediately engraved again. The comedian questions himself to confess and ask, to go back and point at what he "maybe of course" sees before others.


Tuesday, 29 January

L’Artusi, bollito d’amore
With Vito and Maria Pia Timo

Historical reconstruction and phantasy, love and jealousy: a hilarious play about the creation of the book that combined the taste, the language and the souls of an entire nation.

Tuesday, 12 February

Gli uomini vengono da Marte, le donne da Venere
With Debora Villa

Starting from the best-seller by John Gray, Debora Villa will lead the public to discover the other sex without prejudices. For the first time, a representative of Venus will remember us, with her enthusiastic and irreverent, refined and astonishing humour, which are the clamorous differences of Venusians and Martians

Tuesday, 19 March

Mi piace
With Gabriele Cirilli

We live all for one Like, our life has become a continuous being judged and judging. To laugh about all that is fundamental, because laughter is contagious, it's a medicine, it's a remedy to all the darkness that oppresses us.

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Dante Alighieri Theatre - via Mariani, 2
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