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Comico d'Autore • Theatre Season 2018

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Comico d'Autore • Theatre Season 2018
Dante Alighieri Theatre - via Mariani, 2
Dates: 07/02/2018, 12/03/2018, 20/04/2018
Hours: 9pm

On the occasion of the review Comico d'Autore, some famous Italian comedy actors will be on stage at the Dante Alighieri Theatre. Four dates will entertain the audience, giving a flippant and extremely brilliant show.

Tickets (tickets are sold at the theatre ticket office starting from 8pm of the show evening)

Stalls, 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd-tier box: 24€; concession 22€
4th-tier box and balcony: 20€; concession 18€
Gallery: 12€

* Concessions available for CRAL, over 65, under 26, and Carta Bianca Comune di Ravenna and Carta DOC owners.

Friday, 20 April

Sotto il vestito: Vernia
With Giovanni Vernia

This young actor will tell about all the inconveniences of a "famous case" with monologues, anecdotes, parodies, and good music. He will reveal who hides behind the cult masks he created, from Jonny Groove to Fabrizio Corona, from Mika to Jovanotti, from Pif to Fedez and Gianluca Vacchi.


Wednesday, 24 January

With Massimo Lopez and Tullio Solenghi

Even if the stage will not be the same without Anna Marchesini, what is left of the legendary Trio returns, and the two actors, like two old friends who meet again after 15 years of separate careers, will give you an extraordinary show where they will be actors and authors, with the live music by Jazz Company by maestro Gabriele Comeglio

Wednesday, 7 February

Ricette d'amore
With Maria Pia Timo, Cinzia Berni (also writer), Roberta Garzia, Francesca Bellucci and Beppe Convertini

This compelling play is about four women dealing with love. It is a lively and sparkly portrait of today's women, which will make you laugh - of course-, but which will give you also something to think about.

Monday, 12 March

La Divina
With Alessandro Fullin

The play is adapted - rather freely - from the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The whole play originated from the Pope Ratzinger's 2009 idea, that the Purgatory (the physical place) disappeared. In the pope's opinion, when Dante Alighieri learnt about it, he ran for the second time in the netherworld, in order to clear up the whole question and rewrite the well-known Comedy.

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