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Trail Romagna 2019 • Fiumi Uniti per tutti

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Trail Romagna 2019 • Fiumi Uniti per tutti
Gate San Marco
Dates: from 18/05/2019 to 19/05/2019

Saturday, 18 May

• Capanni aperti, sitting down at the table between music and histories of our land
The river bank of the Fiumi Uniti
Time: 12.30pm lunch; 7.30pm dinner

The tradition of Romagna on the table between waters and land: lunch and dinner become convivial occasions to discover the antique traditions of the typical wooden huts, an oasis among rivers, valleys and pine forests where the time seems suspended. You will eat just as among old friends and, at the same time, you will listen to poems, funny "zirundele" or traditional Romagna songs. The event is organised by Cooperativa Fiumi Uniti Servizi

Compulsory registration, write to or
For information call +39 338 8283615

• Walking around the pine forest of Luigi Rava - 7km
Saraghina Beach & Restaurant, Viale Matelda 2 - Lido di Dante
Time: 3pm, meeting time 2.30pm

Luigi Rava, during his office as head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Trade, wrote in 1905 the text of Law 411 (usually known as “Legge Rava”), which gave decisive impulse to the creation and development of the coastal pine forests in Ravenna along the preexisting pine forests, the so-called historical ones. Today, after a century, TrailRomagna, in collaboration with the Unit of the Carabinieri Forestry Service for the Biodiversity of Punta Marina, will guide you across the pine forest section Ramazzotti, which from Lido di Dante arrives to the Mouth of the Torrent Bevano. At the end of the tour, a snack point with refreshments will await all participants.
Free registration before the departure

• The pine forest of Classe, from Antique Wood to Divine Forest
Large piazza Mastin Vecchio, Viale Matelda - Lido di Dante
Time: 6pm

Known in all the world thanks to poets such as Dante Alighieri, Giovanni Boccaccio and George Byron, who experienced, loved and narrated it, the pine forest of Classe with the other pine forests of Ravenna, was for centuries a connotative element of our land, in fact, the municipal emblem features domestic pine camps at its centre. The exhibition aims at recovering the memories, values and suggestions of a natural space that is near us, but in some aspects almost unknown, narrating a historical, social, natural and artistic path. Exhibition edited by the Association of Archaeology and Culture of Classe, visible until 19 May.

Free Admission

Domenica 19 Maggio

Fiumi Uniti for Everybody
• The Descent of Fiumi Uniti in canoe, kayak, sup

Departure point 1: Gate San Marco | At 9am (12 km)
Departure point 2: Ponte Nuovo | At 10am (9 km)
Departure point 3: Gate Rasponi, Canoe Family | At 10.30am (3 km)

The most loved event in our city comes back with its fifth edition. The descent of Fiumi Uniti is another step of the project "Fiumi Uniti for Everybody", which aims at realizing a protected fluvial path of the rivers Montone, Ronco and Fiumi Uniti. This experience on waters allows a unique view and careful observation of an ecosystem that people could never imagine from the river banks, and even less from the city. The descent of Fiumi Uniti weather on a canoe, kayak or paddle departs from three different points - depending on the level of knowledge. This is an event suitable for everyone, also thanks to the use of the sit-on-top, single and double canoes that are practically unsinkable. For the pasta party, thanks to: Lidò restaurant, Saraghina beach & restaurant, Dante Piadina

Registration from 9 April at the Territorial Committee of Ravenna Via Gioacchino Rasponi, 5.
Contacts: | Tel. 0544 219724

• Stop to the plastics on the beach and in the sea - No littering!

Path 1: from the Gate San Marco, cleaning on a canoe along the river | At 9am
Path 2: from Lido di Dante, cleaning walking along the river banks| At 9.30am

The researchers of the environmental research centre CESTHA will strive, together with the most willing canoeists, for the collection of plastic garbage along the river. The participants on foot, instead, will start from Lido di Dante at 9.30am, walking from the mouth of the river along the two river banks up to the Gate Rasponi. The purpose of this initiative is to sensitise people and teach them strategies about the issues of quality of the water and management of the plastic garbages (litter), which represents one of the most urgent environmental problems at the moment.

Free Admission

• The descent on a bike

Gate San Marco, FIAB gazebo - Lido di Dante
Time: 9.30am (13 km)

The expert FIAB bike-guides will bring the participants along the river banks, choosing the most amazing views for the stops. Among these, an exclusive visit at Punta Galletti, a green isle with an extraordinary observation point among the three rivers will leave you breathless! The cyclists will participate at the same snack points at the Gate Rasponi where also the canoeists will arrive. The pasta party and the music by Radio Bruno will animate their arrival.

Registration from 9 April on the website, if there are remaining places it's possible to reserve also at the meeting point (event with a limited number, max. 100 persons)
Admission fee: 5 (the price includes guides, snack areas and final pasta party)


• When you could learn to swim in the river
Fiumi Uniti, right river bank, cabin no. 28 - Lido di Dante
Time: from 10am

The more a canoeist is expert the less he can swim well because it's rare that he ends up in the water. Those who venture in the rivers, however, should be able to swim in case of overturning, being the river waters so rough. For this reason, the instructors of Libertas Nuoto will offer a demonstrative swim to teach the swimming techniques that allow reaching a  safe dead zone where to go. Before the demonstrative swim, the instructors will be present at the canoe family event to give precious indications about how to deal with the "water movement".

Organised admission 

Ecological and creative kids
• Fit as a fiddle

Piazza Mastin Vecchio - Lido di Dante
Time: from 10am

On the occasion of the descent of Fiumi Uniti, all the families are awaited for an equipped space near to the mouth of the river for a workshop about Circular Economy. Code word: to transform the garbages in new opportunities and to develop an ever more careful environmental awareness. We wait for you with an old t-shirt to paint. Event organised by Tralenuvole Association.

Free admission

• Surf-casting - Lancio sull’onda
Lido di Dante, free beach
Time: 10am

This demonstration of fishing from the beach will show the surf-casting, a very ‘natural’ type of fishing that takes advantage of tides, which can produce, in their alternation, significative underwater tumultuousness by the coast. 

Free admission

• Together for the common good, when volunteering is advantageous for the community
Piazza Mastin Vecchio and Viale Matelda - Lido di Dante
Time: from 10am, all day long

The partner-associations of the project "The result of joined volunteering" will participate with their own protection in order to sensitise the citizenry about the possibility of volunteering in the province and about the importance of collaborating for the common good.

• Return to the sea - final event
Large Piazza Mastin Vecchio
Time: 2.30pm

The sea fights every day against the big hidden dangers such as the pollution and the overexploitation of the fish resources. In order to reinforce the need of fighting for the sea and to understand how every single gesture of our life can influence over the environment that surrounds us, the research centre CESTHA will release some examples of marine fauna, which had been accidentally captured by the nets of fishermen and had been rehabilitated in the centre.

Free admission

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