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Mille Miglia 2018 • Ravenna

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Mille Miglia 2018 • Ravenna
Piazza del Popolo, 1
Date: 16/05/2018
Hours: starting from late afternoon, about 7.30pm

On Wednesday, 16th May, the streets of Ravenna will be run again by the beautiful antique cars of the legendary Mille Miglia, the only car race in the world that is able to combine the love for motors with sport, environment, art, history and nature.

This year, the "most amazing race in the world" celebrates its 36th edition with four different stops (from Brescia to Cervia-Milano Marittima | from Cervia-Milano Marittima to Rome | from Rome to Parma | from Parma to Brescia); 450 antique cars from 72 different car makers will run over a distance of more than 1700km.

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Piazza del Popolo, 1

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