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Giro d'Italia stops in Ravenna

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Giro d'Italia stops in Ravenna
Variuos venues in the city centre
Dates: from 17/05/2019 to 21/05/2019. In addition, the event takes place on 25/05/2019

Emilia Romagna turns pink and gets ready to be one of the departure stages of the 102nd Giro d'Italia, one of the most famous and important bike competitions in the world.

After 25 years, the race will touch the Two Towers in Bologna on Saturday 11 May, as a homage to late lamented Marco Pantani who, right in 1994, departed from Bologna and reached for the first time the podium.

The protagonist of this important competition won't be only Bologna but also Riccione, Modena, Carpi and, most of all, Ravenna, which will see running through their street some of the strongest sportsmen of international cycling.

Ravenna will be the site of the 10th stop on Tuesday, 21 May: the itinerary will run through the Po valley, touching cities like Lugo, Massa Lombarda, Granarolo nell’Emilia and Crevalcore and reaching with a final sprint Modena.

On the occasion, the entire city will be decked out, hosting many events, shows, and initiatives that, from 17 to 21 May, will entertain city dwellers, tourists and two-wheel enthusiasts alike.

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Saturday, 25 May

 Ravens Criterium. Stop of the fixed-gear bicycle Italian championship
Piazza J. K. Kennedy
Time: 2pm - 8pm
The bicycles without brakes will run more times along a city circuit closed to the traffic. These races are amazing and the public can see them living the adrenaline and looking at the tracks at full speed.


Friday,17 May

• Finisce per "A"
Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste
Time: 9pm *

A performance by Eugenio Sideri, with Patrizia Bollini. Directed by Gabriele Tesauri
Off-stage voice by Pierr Nosari, stage photography by Achille Lepera
Project by Patrizia Bollini and Eugenio Sideri
Production by Lady Godiva Teatro - Municipality of Ravenna

Alfonsina pedals, she pedals fast on her bike. It doesn't matter if her hair is not long, not fine and voluminous but short...
The story of Alfonsina Strada, the first woman ever to participate in the Giro d'Italia

In case of bad weather the show will take place at Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste

Saturday, 18 May

 Presentation of the book Fausto Coppi - La Grandezza del Mito (ed. Minerva)
Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste - Piazza J. K. Kennedy, 12
Time: 11am
With the organizers Luciano Boccacini and Faustino Coppi

 Wonderful Losers: Cycling seen by the assistants
Luigi Rasi Theatre - Via di Roma, 39
Orario: 18.00
Presented by reporter Alberto Mazzotti.
Awarded as the best documentary film at the festival of Warsaw, Minsk, Tallin, and Triest, the film by Arunas Matelis talks about the unknown world of the cycling assistants: those who bring the water, servants who are seldom celebrated by the media but who sacrifice their careers to help their teammates to win.

Goodbike - Têtes de Bois
Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste
Time: 9pm *
Music and words performance entirely dedicated to the bicycles, written, put in music and conceived by the Têtes de Bois, directed by Danilo Nigrelli.
A very particular echo-performance powered by the pedals. The electricity on the stage will be generated by about 80/90 bicycles run by the public and connected to a dynamo.

In case of bad weather the show will take place at Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste

Sunday, 19 May

 Le salite più belle d'Italia | Davide Cassani presents his last book
Hospital Santa Maria delle Croci - Viale Vincenzo Randi, 5
Time: 7pm
With Davide Cassani. Presented by Livia Santini and Guido Guerrieri

 Il Vecchio e il tour
Piazza J. K. Kennedy
Time: 9pm *
Michele Dalai, writer, broadcaster and TV and radio producer, tells about the legendary story of that exhausting 1948 Tour de France and about a 34 years-old quick-tempered "old cyclist", Gino Bartali, who made the impossible to bring the second yellow shirt home, ten years after his first victory.

In case of bad weather the show will take place at Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste

Monday, 20 May

• Gimkana
Piazza J. K. Kennedy
Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm / 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Gymkhana dedicated to the children of the elementary schools, open also to families.
Event organised by Consorzio Ciclistico “Pedale Azzurro”

 110 Anni in Rosa. Storie, imprese e statistiche del Giro d'Italia dalla prima edizione a oggi
Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste - Piazza J. K. Kennedy, 12
Time: 7pm
The book by Luca Marianantoni (Gazzetta dello Sport) talks about all of the races of the Giro d'Italia, from its first edition until 2018. 
Guests: Umberto Suprani, CONI regional chairman and Gino Maioli, physiotherapist of cyclism champions

 Bestiale Quel Giro d'Italia
Dante Alighieri Theatre i - Via Mariani, 2
Time: 9pm
Performance by Maurizio Garuti. With Ivano Marescotti accompanied by Daniele Furlati at the piano

Marescotti performs the "heroic" cycling. The 1914 Giro d’Italia was the hardest in professional cycling history with tracks of more than 400 km each that departed at night and ended the subsequent night. Alfonso Calzolari, the only man from Bologna, born in Vergato, won the race and he succeeded in bringing the pink shirt under the two towers in Bologna.

* In case of bad weather the show will take place at Dante Alighieri Theatre

Tuesday, 21 May

Opening village: 10.25am
Departure Giro: 1.45pm
Ravenna is the city of the departure of the 10th stop. The flat itinerary will cross the Po Valley in the areas of Ravenna and Bologna until reaching Modena.

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