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CEAS 2019 • Bike Ride of Liberation

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CEAS 2019 • Bike Ride of Liberation
Piazzale Farini - Piazzale Farini, 21
Date: 25/04/2019
Hours: 9am

Bike riding a tradition of Ravenna, an eco-friendly and very healthy transport. For this reason, CEAS - Sustainability Education Centre promotes the cycling holidays, looking for sensitising the citizenry with active events, like the bike ride on the occasion of Italy's liberation day Pedalata della liberazione on Thursday, 25 April. This event is thought to relive or discover places that witnessed in 1944 events that led to the Liberation of Ravenna. Moreover, to practise this activity in the spirit of nature and environment, you do not need to be a professional cyclist, you just need to love bikes.

During the itinerary, a wreath will be laid down in the public Park of Reginald Barton Stratton (Classe) as a homage to an English soldier fallen during the Liberation of Classe. Inside the pine forest, the cyclists will pay homage to the memorial stone of Vito Salvigni and Umberto Fussi, two young partisans of the Contingent “Garavini” fallen during the Resistance.


Meeting point: Conad, via Galilei | Park behind
• At 9am | Meeting and registration
• At 10am | Start
• At 12pm | Arrival at I Maggio Park, where there will be also the Pine Nut Festival
• At 2.30pm | Visit to the Villaggio delle Cicogne with Legambiente and FIAB volunteers (optional)
• Free return trip

Itinerary: Traffic circles Bretagna - Ponte Nuovo - Via Romea Sud - Via Classense (Classe) - Via Morgagni (last turn on the right, before the train passage) - cycle lane in the pine forest of Classe, Carraia del Cippo, Ponte Botole, path on the left along the right river bank of Fosso Ghiaia until the sighting  turret above the oasis Ortazzo and Ortazzino, return along the right river bank of Fosso Ghiaia. 

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Piazzale Farini - Piazzale Farini, 21
+39 0544 482266

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