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Universali Presenze: Inferno in Darsena

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Universali Presenze: Inferno in Darsena
Ravenna's waterfront (Darsena - Canale Candiano) - via d'Alaggio
Dates: from 18/07/2015 to 20/07/2015
Hours: Saturday, 18 July from 12am;
Sunday, 19 and Monday, 20 July from 10pm to 12am

After four years of Visioni di Eterno - a spectacular video mapping project on the Unesco monuments - the visual artist Andrea Bernabini kicks off the new "Universali presenze" project dedicated to the universal value of Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy.
A new biennial production which will open on the 750th anniversary of the birth of the great poet and in the year of Ravenna's title as Italian Capital of Culture.

As for Visioni d'Eterno, the aim of the project is to open a dialogue between the new digital technologies and art through the use of the 3D video mapping technology.
While the Unesco monuments were the protagonists of Visioni d'Eterno, in this first step of Universali Presenze - dedicated to Dante's Inferno - Bernabini's dreamlike projections will take place on a tower in the Darsena (Ravenna's waterfront), an abandoned industrial archeology site, visible from the dock.
It will be the perfect scenario for the representation of Dante's Inferno, a multi-sensory journey that will reveal some of the images on display at the MAR Museum of Ravenna from October to January 2016 with the exhibition "La Divina Commedia: Le visioni di Dorè, Scaramuzza, Nattini".

The illustrations of Dante's journey into the afterlife have always inspired artists and illustrators. The city's last refuge pays tribute to the universal poem through the visions generated by the creative staff directed by Bernabini, including major Italian 3D visual designers such as Sara Caliumi and Roberto Costantino, and the young and talented sound designer David Lavia.

The images taken from Nattini's watercolors and Doré's and Scaramuzza's engravings will introduce us to the poetic world of the Inferno with the help of the old industrial tower that once supported the grain silos of the old port. A tower - an outburst from the subsoil or a large lift to the underworld - where images of illusion and ambiguous perceptions will take turns and let the viewer immerse into a new emotional dimension.

The solitude and the dangers of the journey, the pains and the agony of the damned, the disturbing presence of the demons told by Dante will take on a new contemporary hue thanks to the new spectacular video mapping, understood by Andrea Bernabini as a creation of new memory.


3D Projection mapping 
Director and Concept: Andrea Bernabini N.E.O. Visual Project Ravenna
Visual 3D: Sara Caliumi, Roberto Costantino
Sound design: Davide Lavia
A production of the Municipality of Ravenna (Department of Culture and Tourism) and Ravenna Italian Capital of Culture 2015, with the support of the Emilia-Romagna region.

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Ravenna's waterfront (Darsena - Canale Candiano) - via d'Alaggio
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