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Meeting della Montagna e della natura | 35th edition

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Meeting della Montagna e della natura | 35th edition
Sala Buzzi - Viale Berlinguer , 11
Dates: 09/11/2018, 12/11/2018, 16/11/2018
Hours: 9pm

A series of meetings organised to better know the CAI - Italian Alpine Club of Ravenna and to promote moments of cultural growth and group among the members and the mountains lovers.

All conferences will be held in Italian

Free admission

Friday, 16th November

Tra il dire e il fare
The big travels and the little discoveries - the wizard Merlin, King Arthur and the adventures of Pinocchio. Screening of the photos of the last travel of Enrico Carrara, riding a bike from Normandy to Cornwall. Presented by Enrico Carrara, from Brescia, alpinist, ski mountaineering and climbing on ice teacher, sailor, cyclist, and, most of all, traveller.


Monday, 5th November

Frêney 1961
Historical storytelling, enriched with images, of the event that saw Bonatti, Oggioni and Gallieni reaching the Central Pillar of Frêney, the highest pillar of Mount Blanc. Monologue presented by Marco Albino Ferrari, an alpinist, journalist, professional, writer and scriptwriter.

Friday, 9th November

Coro La Biele Stele presents "Songs of the mountain area and of the Great War"
In order not to forget, on the occasion of the centenary since the end of the First World War.

Monday, 12th November

Matses - jaguar men, Amazzonia, Perù
600km with pirogue and 50km on foot in the Amazon rainforest for an explorative journey by the Matses. Ethnographic reportage presented by Ugo Antonelli, traveller, naturalist, cinema operator.

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Sala Buzzi - Viale Berlinguer , 11
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