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Color Vibe 5k • 2018

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Color Vibe 5k • 2018
Marinara - Piazza Dora Markus, 1
Date: 28/07/2018
Hours: From 11am

Saturday, 28th July will be a day full of colours, music and sports: the overflowing vitality of the Color Vibe 5km Run - a fun and non-competitive run coming from the USA will invade Marina di Ravenna

Registration is easy: you can enrol on the official site of the event ( You can also sign in at some of the existing “Registration Points” (the full list is available on the official website) until Friday, 27th July or on the same day of the event at the Vibe Village. It will be a real hymn to fun for everyone, without limit of age. 5 km to run, to walk, to jump forward, backward and why not, to dance.

The day will begin in the Marinara zone (Piazza Dora Markus) at 11am. At 6pm the "ready, set, go!" will be announced. All the participants of the Color Vibe will be wearing a white T-shirt (included with the registration) in order to highlight better the colour which, at every kilometre of the run, will be thrown at participants, with oriental flavours and accompanied by music. At the finish line, a great party takes place at the Color Vibe Village: every participant will have a small bag of colour to use and, following the rhythm of the official speaker, every 15 minutes there will be a magical and collective blast. 
This initiative is organised by Color Vibe Italia, in collaboration with Marina Flower and the support of the Municipality of Ravenna.


At 11am | Vibe Village Opening
Competitors can take the Color Vibe Kit (official t-shirt, race bib, little bag of colour to use during the final party, temporary tattoo, gadget and products offered by partners, included in the registration fee), while the "latecomers" will still have the possibility to register to the run until few minutes before the start

At 5pm | Intrattenimento e riscaldamento
Entertainment activities and warming-up activities for the sports lovers and all the competitors

At 5pm | Color Vibe 5km
Ready, set, go! The 5km-marathon run will start with launches of colour at each km run.

At 6.30pm | Color Party!!

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Marinara - Piazza Dora Markus, 1

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