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Baciarello® Festival
Different places in the city - Piazza del Popolo
Dates: from 13/02/2019 to 16/02/2019

Baciarello® Festival is the first Kiss&Love festival in Ravenna.

It originates from a popular legend about knight Guidarello Guidarelli, according to which "le donne nubili che baceranno Guidarello, potranno sposarsi entro l’anno…" - the single women who will kiss the knight will get married by the end of the year.
Over the years, millions of women kissed the marble statue created by Tullio Lombardo in 1525, now preserved at the MAR - Ravenna Art Museum of Ravenna.

The idea of Baciarello® Festival starts right from here and - from 13 to 16 February - it will turn Ravenna into the city of "BACIO" - kissing, with street artists, guided tours and performances in the historical places of love, aperitivo and themed dinners with live music and dance performances.


Aperitivo and dinner with performances
• Happy Lovers Emotional Tour with performances
• Street artists
• DJ-Mix MEET Compact Club
Guest: Teodora Tango Marathon (lessons and show)

Find the entire programme on
For Hotel reservations, Happy Lovers Tour bookings and info: +39 0544 482838 (Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 4pm | Sunday and Holidays 10am - 4pm)


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Different places in the city - Piazza del Popolo
+39 0544 482838

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