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Rockin' Before Moondogs #3 at Boca Barranca

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Moondogs Festival Rock‘n’Roll at Boca Barranca
Boca Barranca
Viale Italia, 301 - Marina Romea (Ra)
Date: April 5th - September 13th 2013
Event timetable: 11.00pm

Some of the hottest bands on the international rockabilly scene arrive in Marina Romea for a series of live gigs at the Boca Barranca beach. All concerts are included in the programme of “Moondogs” International Rock & Roll Festival 2013, a festival dedicated to the music and culture of the 50s taking place next autumn at Artificerie Almagià in Ravenna.
Following every concert, Bootleg dj sets by dj Rone and dj Luigi Bertaccini light up the night with rock'n'roll, rhythm'n'blues, blues, soul, surf and beat.


> Friday, April 5th 2013
Event timetable: 11.00pm
Maggio Bros in concerto

> Friday, May 31st 2013
Event timetable: 11.00pm
Benny and The Cats

> Friday, June 21st 2013
Event timetable: 11.00pm
Backseat Boogie

> Friday, July 26th 2013
Event timetable: 11.00pm
The Wavers

> Friday, August 23rd 2013
Event timetable: 11.00pm
Slick Steve and The Gangsters

> Friday, September 13th 2013
Event timetable: 11.00pm
Evening to be defined

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Viale Italia, 301 - Marina Romea
(+39) 0544.447858

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