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Christmas Soul 2019 • OFF Events

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Christmas Soul 2019 • OFF Events
Oasi Beach - Viale della Pace, 462
Finisterre Beach - Viale delle Nazioni, 242/c
Dates: 08/12/2019, 25/12/2019, 26/12/2019

Christmas in Ravenna is gospel, blues, soul, and next to the official programme of Christmas Soul, the Christmas event organized by the Municipality of Ravenna with the collaboration of Spiagge Soul and Associazione Blues Eye, the city also offers a rich schedule of other events taking place in Marina di Ravenna, in collaboration with Oasi Beach and Finisterre Beach.

From 22 December to 6 January (along with a preview on 8 December), the beach resorts will welcome some of the liveliest and most original artists of the Italian black music, for free concerts at lunchtime: from the Deliver Daniel to the voices of Sara Zaccarelli and Gloria Turrini, from Marco Chiarabini to the “griot” of Gambia Jabel Kanuteh and the Italian-Brazilian Luca Brighi. Reggae will have its space too, with Bruno Orioli and the hybrid sounds of the Anglo-Jamaican Ken Bailey. Discover it on Sunday, 8 December, with the Sacred Roots on preview, and celebrate Christmas in a very 'soul' way, starting the new year in music.

All the concerts are free

Tuesday, 1° January 2020

A branch with… the pre-war blues
Finisterre Beach - Viale delle Nazioni, 242/c
Time: 1.30pm

A meeting to discover the authors and styles that made the modern music. Bluesman Paul Venturi retraces the dynamics that led to the success of Blues music worldwide.

Saturday, 4 January

A brunch with… Bob Marley - organized by Bruno Orioli
Finisterre Beach - Viale delle Nazioni, 242/c
Time: 1pm

Record Plant is the name of the recording studio that started with the idea of making the artists perform in an informal setting, combining live with a radio broadcast. On the evening of 31 Ocrober 1973, Bob Marley & The Wailers performed at the Plant of Sausalito, in California. It was an intimate and moving session, also included in the album Talkin’ Blues. This event will make like again the great classics of the very first Wailers, with digressions and thoughts about music, life, anecdotes on the King of Reggae.

Sunday, 5 January

Ken Bailey & King Frisko
Oasi Beach - Viale della Pace, 462 
Time: 12.30pm

Kenneth Bailey is an Anglo-Jamaican singer-songwriter and saxophonist, whose musical journey started when he was a child, in the Pentecostal Church of Nottingham (UK), where his parents from Jamaica were actively part of that religious community. It's from them that he takes his Afro-Jamaican and gospel musical features.

Bailey's language, which he calls “BO-POP”, mixes in a wise and all-original way Jazz, Soul, R’n’B and Reggae, without leaving aside also the European pop sounds. Boasting a very long and prolific songwriting activity that made him conquers stages as that of the Roxy Bar of Red Ronnie, and of the Bluenote in Milan, he opened the concert of Max Pezzali and Luca Carboni, and over the years he worked as a back singer with Eros Ramazzotti and Alessandra Amoroso.

Monday, 6 January

A brunch with... the women of blues
Finisterre Beach - Viale delle Nazioni, 242/c
Time: 1pm

The women of blues, a minority in the minority, but nonetheless strong and determined to leave their mark in the history of modern music. Gloria Turrini is the perfect singer to homage these artists, from the legendary Bessie Smith and Big Mama Thorton to the extraordinary Etta James.


Sunday, 8 December [Preview]

Sacred Roots
Oasi Beach - Viale della Pace, 462 
Time: 12.30

Sacred Roots originates from the meeting of more musicians that have been deepening and developing over the years, with their personal touch, that music known as blues coming from the songs coming from the work songs and mixed with ragtime and spirituals.
The project Sacred Roots opens its blues and gospel repertoire to the music of the first half of the last century, passing though electric blues and gospel songs, soul and pop music, the direct heirs of the first Afro-American music examples. On the stage: Mauro Ferrarese, voice and guitars; Max Prandi, voice and drums.

Sunday, 22 December

Deliver Daniel
Oasi Beach - Viale della Pace, 462 
Time: 12.30pm

Deliver Daniel is the triplet founded by jazz singer Eloisa Atti and bluesman Paul Venturi. This project was created by the urgency, shared by many musicians of these two genres, to address their art to God in a very important time of their life.
The Deliver Daniel make this with joy and intensity, performing the oldest gospels and spirituals of the 1920s/30s of the African-American tradition. 

Wednesday, 25 December

Luca Brighi “Christmas Mood”
Oasi Beach - Viale della Pace, 462 
Time: 12.30pm

Christmas Soul welcomes back an  extraordinary and powerful voice that will impress every spectator with its gospel sounds. Luca Brighi, born in Recife (Brazil) in 1986, graduated from the Higher Singing Academy in Verona and now he performs live with several groups and artists, such as Mad Fellaz, Francesco Boldini, Francesco Perale, Pierfrancesco Boldini, Me & The Modular Ensemble, The Soul Brothers, Brown Style with Michele Bonivento and Francesco Inverno, and some other acoustic groups.

Thursday, 26 December

Sara Zaccarelli - Acoustic Christmas Set
Oasi Beach - Viale della Pace, 462 
Time: 12.30pm

Sara Zaccarelli is one of the most interesting and active soul and blues singers in Italy. Explosive, original and virtuouse singer-songwriter, she will cross the artists and the songs of one of the most fertile generations of Black Music, enriched with traditional gospel songs.

Saturday, 28 December

A brunch with… the women, the devil and the moonlight
Finisterre Beach - Viale delle Nazioni, 242/c
Time: 1pm

1975, self-taught: Marco Chiarabini has been a protagonist of Italian blues music for more than 20 years as a singer and a guitarist in several groups. His research is not only musical, but also literary and historical. His esperience led him to deepen his musical knowledge, along with a social search and an analysis of the texts about the main subjects of the literature and mythology of blues.

With the performance 'Le donne, il diavolo e i chiari di luna', Chiarabini tells all the secrets of the founding topics of blues music, playing acoustic songs that made its history.

Sunday, 29 December

Jabel Kanuteh & Marco Zanotti
Oasi Beach - Viale della Pace, 462 
Time: 12.30pm

Born in Gambia, firstborn among 10 children, just like his father and the father of his father, Jabel Kanuteh is a Griot: a poet and cantor - He, who detains the gift of word", and he plays the 'kora', a typical harp with 21 strings. For ages, the kings of the African empires have confided in the Griots to tell their history across the villages.

Jabel arrived in Italy in 2015, after a long journey, ten days in the desert and three in the sea, crossing  Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Libia. Now, somehow, this journey inverses: with his voice and the strings of his African harp plucked, Jabel can bring us there, across all those villages, seeing faces and lands that we can only imagine, becoming more aware of his travel, story and country. For this occasion, drummer and musician Marco Zanotti will accompany him.

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Oasi Beach - Viale della Pace, 462
Finisterre Beach - Viale delle Nazioni, 242/c
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