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Autumn Trilogy: Dancing, Words, Singing

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Autumn Trilogy: Dancing, Words, Singing
Teatro Dante Alighieri - Via Mariani, 2
Palazzo Mauro De André - Viale Europa, 1
Dates: from 06/11/2020 to 14/11/2020, except on 09/11/2020

As usual, with the beginning of November returns the well-established event of the Autumn Trilogy by Ravenna Festival.

For the year dedicated to the celebrations of the 700th death anniversary of Dante Alighieri, the Trilogy couldn't miss paying homage to the Supreme Poet, combining the well-oiled format of the triptych with the artistic expressions of dancing, poetry and singing, giving life to two new productionsMetànoia (6, 8, 10, 12, 13 November at the Dante Alighieri Theatre) and Dal Ciel sino all’inferno (7, 11 November at the Mauro de André Arena).

Information about tickets, pre-sales openings will be available starting from the second half of September, compatibly with the new upcoming updates on the health emergency regulations.

Metànoia by and with Sergei Polunin

Poca favilla gran fiamma seconda – Paradiso I, 34
Dante Alighieri Theatre - Via Mariani, 2
Dates: 6, 8, 10, 12, 13 November 2020
International preview, on commission of Ravenna Festival

The international icon of ballet Sergei Polunin follows Dante, from his Inferno up to Paradiso, presenting his own personal contemplation of the Divine Comedy. Dante and Polunin, two rebellious and stateless poets, both in search of their lost homes, discover their heaven thanks to art and creativity, since ‘A little spark is followed by great flame’ (Paradiso I, 34), which means that a little light can catch fire, lighting up the whole world. 

Metànoia is for this reason also a story of transfiguration: the Greek term means, in theology, the conversion, that complete transformation of thought, words and actions that can happen to someone who has never made a spiritual journey or to those who have lost their soul. In Jung's theories, however, Metànoia is the spontaneous self-healing of the soul, the achievement of a balance after a crisis.

The performance is the response by a contemporary artist to an absolute classic, and it wants to be an invitation to a journey into the depth of ourselves.
On stage three musicians will alternate, creating a tripartite work across InfernoPurgatorio, and Paradiso.

Faust rapsodia - Dal ciel sino all'inferno

Mauro De André Arena - Viale Europa, 1
Dates: 7, 11 and 14 November 2020

Scenes from the drama by Johann Wolfgang Goethe (Faust I, II)
Music by Robert Schumann (selection from Szenen aus Goethes Faust)

Music director and conductor Antonio Greco
Drama arrangement and direction by Luca Micheletti
Scenes by Ezio Antonelli
Light design by Fabrizio Ballini
Costume design by Anna Biagiotti
Orchestra and Choir Luigi Cherubini

An unpublished and visionary setting of two Fausts, the one by Goethe and the other by Robert Schumann (Scenes from the Faust by Goethe), in the dramaturgical and musical arrangement by director Luca Micheletti and conductor Antonio Greco.

Faust is, beyond Dante (as the author and character himself of the Divine Comedy), one of the greatest explorers of the edges of the known world and humanity. Hero of a rich and varied legend that started in the German Middle Ages, he gained a universal stature thanks to the pen of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, when the journey between Hell and Heaven became even more Dantesque: with his devilish fellow, he gets to know the power of evil, but then he finds redemption thanks to the beloved woman, who guides him to safety and to the light of Paradise.

The profane unfinished oratorio by Schumann, of which a well-studied selection of numbers taken from the Italian translation by Vittorio Radicati (son-in-law of the composer) had his debut in Italy in 1895, meets here some scenes of Goethe's poem, performed in an Italian translation of the 19th century by Andrea Maffei.

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Palazzo Mauro De André - Viale Europa, 1
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