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52nd International Organ Music Festival

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52nd International Organ Music Festival
Basilica of San Vitale
Via Argentario, 22 - Ravenna
Date: Monday1 July 15th - Monday September 2nd 2013
Event time: 9.00pm

The International Organ Music Festival is the first and most ancient organ festival in Italy and one of the longest-running in Europe. The event features the best international organists playing an ancient Mascioni organ in the breathtaking Basilica of San Vitale.
Aim of the Adone Zecchi Polyphonic Association of Ravenna, organizer of the Festival and member of the important EGDO - Europäische Gesellschaft der Orgel, is to preserve the international prestige, tradition and fame of the festival.

> Monday, July 15th 2013
Event time: 9.15pm
Elisa Teglia (organist) and Choir of Ravenna Polyphonic Association 
Conducted by Fabrizio Galeati

> Monday, July 22nd 2013
Event time: 9.15pm
Simone Gheller (organist)

> Monday, July 29th 2013
Event time: 9.15pm 
Johannes Skudlik (organist)

> Monday, August 5th 2013
Event time: 9.15pm 
Roberto Bonetto (organist)

> Monday, August 12th 2013
Event time: 9.15pm
Torsten Laux (organist)

> Monday, August 19th 2013
Event time: 9.15pm
Daniel Pandolfo (organist)

> Monday, August 26th 2013
Event time: 9.15pm
Ignacio Ribas (organist)

> Monday, September 2nd 2013
Event time: 9.15pm
Organist Bernhard Marx (organist)

Free admission

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