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Festival Naturae • 2017

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Festival Naturae • 2017
Via Marignolli, 26 - Lido di Classe
Dates: from 24/07/2017 to 31/07/2017. In addition, the event takes place on 04/07/2017, on 06/07/2017, on 07/07/2017, on 10/07/2017, on 11/07/2017, on 13/07/2017, on 14/07/2017, on 17/07/2017, on 18/07/2017, on 20/07/2017, on 21/07/2017, on 24/07/2017, on 25/07/2017, on 27/07/2017, on 28/07/2017, on 31/07/2017, on 01/08/2017, on 03/08/2017, on 04/08/2017, on 07/08/2017, on 08/08/2017, on 10/08/2017 and on 11/08/2017

Festival Naturae aims at celebrating and promoting the wonderful natural landscapes of Lido di Classe (one of the 9 seaside resorts along the coast of Ravenna), its beautiful unspoiled beaches, dunes, the bends of Bevano river and the lush ancient pine forest of Classe.

Organized by Associazione Solaris in collaboration with Comitato Cittadino di Lido di Classe, Assessorato al Decentramento del Comune di Ravenna, Circoscrizione di Castiglione di Ravenna, Ufficio Territoriale Carabinieri per la Biodiversità di Punta Marina, Po Delta Regional Park and Ricicloofficina of Ravenna.


• Giardini by Maria Vodarich
Hotel King Marte, Viale Fratelli Vivaldi 40/42

• Viaggio in Uzbekistan by Ivano Bastelli
Cinema Arena del Sole

• Un tocco di mosaico: mostra tattile dei mosaici naturalisti by Lavori in Comune
Cinema Arena del Sole

• Storie di sogni, di mare e di… by Delio Piccioni
Cinema Arena del Sole

• Fischi per Fiaschi by Fabiano Giacchetti
Cinema Arena del sole


• Passegiando in pineta (Walking through the Pine forest)
Escursioni in bicicletta (Excursion by bike)
• Il lido delle favole (The Lido of the Fairy tales)
• Pratica...mente al mare (Almost to the sea)
• A rimirar le stelle (To admire the stars)
I Concerti


Concert at the sunrise: On tour at the end of the night
| 6am
Spiaggia 30, Viale Caboto
Solmeriggio live: with Agnese Alteri voice, Davide Santandrea guitar, Marcella Trioschi cello, Chiara Burioli accordion

Naturae at Cubo | 4pm - 7pm
Centro Visite Cubo Magico Bevanella, Via Canale Pergami, 80 - Savio
Funny treasure hunting for adult and child to discover typical animals and plants of the protect area of the Bevano river, through observations at the microscope, riddles and curiosity.
Free participation. Info: 335 5632818 - 0544 528710/529260.

Four steps in nature: the dune in formation | 5pm
Meeting and starting point: Cinema Arena del Sole
Guided escursion by Giovanni Nobili (Carabinieri for the Biodiversity of Punta Marina).

Film "Second Wind" show | 9pm
Cinema Arena del Sole
Directed by Luca Mina
After the film: Concert with Fabio Mina  flute, duduk, khaen, digital piano, effects, field recording e Marco Zanotti  garifuna (african drums), bata drums, mbira, percussions, digital piano


Ecological day "Puliamo il Lido" (event in collaboration with Gruppo Hera)
"To clean" the green areas of the Lido | 9am
Meeting point: Green area Cinema Arena del Sole

Great fishing through the rich prices offered by the owners of Lido di Classe | 11.30am
Centro Sportivo Batì, Piazza Ricci 7
To follow: light meal to all "street cleaners" of the Lido offered by Comitato Cittadino.

Bike trip "soft bike" | 4pm
A Green World: visit at the big Garden close to the sea. Break and aperitif at the Winehouse "Le Romagnole".

Handmade of Classe... Art & Well-being | From 8pm
Green area Jolly Park and Cinema Arena del sole


Escursion in canoe and birdwatching at the torrent of the Bevano river | 9.30am
Boarding point: Centro visite "Cubo Magico Bevanella".
With Angelo Modanesi of the Canoa Club of Milano Marittima.  
Info and reservations: +39 333 9949985

Horseriding through the pine forest of Lido di Classe | 5pm
Agritourism Ca' Marina, via Adda 3
Max 10 personnes. Info and reservations calling Luana: +39 340 4929640

Running in the Pinewood: the nature | 5pm
Meeting point: Centro sportivo Batì, Piazza Ricci 7
A run in the pine forest of Lido di Classe, with Paolo Benini.
Info: +39 333 5615103


Cultural Bike
Guided bike ride by Angelo Gasperoni entitled "Il Villaggio delle Cigogne"
8am | Meeting and starting point: Green area Cinema Arena del Sole.
Info: +39 338 8408746
10am | Coffee break at the Casetta of the Villaggio delle Cicogne ("Storks Village")
Guided tour
12pm | Naturae Menu
With reservation.
It's possible to reach the Village also by yourself at La Campaza, Via Romea Sud, 395 Fosso Ghiaia
Info +39 338 8408746

The Lido of the fairy tales
Il cane che dorme | 10am
Jolly Park, Via Da Verrazzano
With Paola Missiroli and Mariella Siviglia

Bike trip to the fishing huts | 4pm
Two starting points: from Bagno Milano-Ristorante Kontiki (Lido di Savio: +39 0544 948040) and from Cinema Arena del sole (Lido di Classe: +39 340 3553816). Arrival at 5pm. Birdwatching, fishing tests, refreshments with drinks. Maria Luisa Savorani presents her new book "Cibologia".

Il Conciorto: Bioelectronic, vegfunk, macroalternative, crautrock and every fresh varieties of the day! | 6.30pm
Green area Cinema Arena del sole
With Biagio Bagini vocals, guitar, lyrics, musical ideas and Gian Luigi Carlone vocals, vegetables

"Bio e vegan"... a due passi dal mare | From afternoon to night
Green area Cinema Arena del Sole
With gastronomic stands of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free specialities, curated by La Bottega del benessere of Bagnacavallo (RA); "Wellness Zone" curated by OlistiKa - Ravenna Shiatsu, with certified professionels for shiatsu, yoga, tai, reflexology, Quanti-Ka, Quantum Touch, Tibet Bells, Reiki treatments and other holistic treatments; Piadineria "Biancomangiare", vegan since '99; Workshop of painting for children, with artisanal puzzles in wood.


Laughter Yoga: laughing together to stay well | 10am
Spiaggia 30
Theorical and handy workshop made by Graziella Frassineti.

Photo exhibition "Incontri" | 5pm
Rina Fiumana Godoli's home
Presentation of the book "Un lungo cammino ...insieme alla poesia".

A rimirar le stelle. Observation of the starry sky | 9pm
Circolo Nautico del Savio
Curated by Ravenna's Observatory


Excursion in canoe and birdwatching at river Bevano | 9.30am
With Angelo Modanesi of the Canoa Club of Milano Marittima.
Boarding point: Visitor Centre "Cubo Magico Bevanella"
Info and reservation: +39 333 9949985

Love my Pets | 5pm
Green area Cinema Arena del Sole
Meeting with the Dr Carla Ricci veterinary doctor of the Centre Mi.Ma.Vet, of Milano Marittima and with Dr Donatella Saporetti.
Meeting subject: Emergency care for our animal friends, what to do; legislation (CITES etc.), Reiki, acupuncture, treatment for energetic equilibrium, complementary therapy for Pets.

Concert at the mouth of river Bevano | 5.30pm
In collaboration with the Comitato Cittadino of Lido di Dante (info 380 4263925)
The voice of the nature: Live with Lisa Manara voice, Federico Squassabia digital piano, Aldo Betto guitar, Youssef Ait Bouazza drum set

Recommended starting points for the mouth of river Bevano
From Lido di Classe:
4pm: in canoe from the boarding point Visitor Centre "Cubo Magico Bevanella" (info and canoe reservation +39 333 9949985);
4.30pm: on foot, along the sea, or through the pine forest;
5pm: by bike, on your own

From Lido di Dante:
3pm: by bike from Piazzetta Lungomare;
4.30pm: boarding point electrical ferry-boat (info and reservation +39 333 5708323)


Every evenings with the beginning of films at 9.30pm at the Cinema Arena del Sole

Monday 24 JulySecond Wind (Time 50')
Film of Luca Mina
After the film: concert with Fabio Mina • flute, duduk, khaen, digital piano, effects, field recording and Marco Zanotti • garifuna (african drums), bata drum, mbira, percussions, digital piano.

Tuesday 25 July | Oceania (Animation, time 103')
Film of Ron Clements, John Musker
To follow: Abel il Figlio del Vento (Adventure, time 94')
Film of Gerardo Olivares, Otmar Penker

Wednesday 26 July | Arrival (Science fiction, time 116')
Film of Denis Villeneuve

Thursday 27 July | Alamar (Dramatic, 73')
A film by Pedro González-Rubio
To follow: La tartaruga rossa (Animation, 80')
A film by Michael Dudok de Wit.

Friday 28 July | Il GGG - Il Grande Gigante Gentile (Adventure, 117')
A film by Steven Spielberg
To follow: Un gal pèpa and 3 uchini
Two short films of animation with pieces of mosaics, two fairy tales of the "romagnola" tradition
Short films of Claudio Tedaldi and the young men of "Lavori in Comune".

Saturday 29 July | The war - Il Pianeta delle scimmie (Adventure, 121')
A film by Matt Reeves

Sunday 30 July | Pirati dei Caraibi – La vendetta di Salazar (Action, 135')
A film by Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg

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Via Marignolli, 26 - Lido di Classe
+39 340 355 3816

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