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Do-Po Vieni al Museo • 2019/2020

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Do-Po Vieni al Museo • 2019/2020
Ravenna National Museum - Via San Vitale, 17
Dates: 01/12/2019, 05/01/2020, 02/02/2020...
Hours: 4.30pm, except on Sunday, 5 January 2020, from 8.30am to 7pm

A Sunday afternoon - Do(menica) Po(meriggio) each month, from October until April, for a double appointment at the Ravenna National Museum: entertaining meetings or creative free workshops for children aged 7+ and guided themed tour to a collection of the Museum for everybody. 
Moreover, on the first Sunday of every month, from October to March, thanks to the initiative #IoVadoAlMuseo, admission is free for all, whereas on Sunday, 5 April, free admission for under 18

All meetings, workshops and guided tours are held in Italian.

Reservation in advance is recommended within the Friday before the event's date, via e-mail:

Sunday, 6 October

Children and Mosaic
From the tiles to a mosaic

Sunday, 3 November

A mosaic of nature
Let be inspired by the beauty of nature

Sunday, 1 December

Waiting for Christmas...
Let's start to think about Christmas

Sunday, 5 January*

Epiphany takes all festivities away 
Free itinerary for families, across the museum, chasing the Three Wise Men

Sunday, 2 February

The herbalist at the museum
Discover the ancient remedies and the art of pharmacy

Sunday, 1 March

Little Big Museum
Let's observe artworks of any size

Sunday, 5 Aprile

Egyptian amulets
From the Egyptian tombs... very nice necklaces

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Ravenna National Museum - Via San Vitale, 17
+39 0544 215618

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