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Medieval Feast at Rocca Brancaleone

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Medieval Feast at Rocca Brancaleone
Rocca Brancaleone - Via Rocca Brancaleone
Date: 16/09/2018
Hours: from 10am to 7pm

The life, the arts, the crafts, the stories, the events, the ladies and the knights of the Middle Ages come back to life on Sunday, 16th September, in the amazing venue of Ravenna's fortress Rocca Brancaleone.

Free admission

All day long

 The market of medieval crafts
Organised by Schola Hominum Burgi of Ravenna and Associazione storica Medievale - Quelli del ponte di Ravenna

 The life on the field of the men-at-arms of Ravenna: weapons, armours and leisure
Organised by Associazione Flos Ferri di Ravenna

Medieval archery: try the sport!
Event open to all - Organised by Associazione Storica I Mercenari della Guaita di Ravenna

Flag wavers and drummers
Organised by Associazione Sbandieratori, Musici e Uomini d'Arme di Terra del Sole

Musicians and jongleur-jesters
Musicians of romandiola Pulse et Picard Fabius il Giullare

In the morning (from 10am to 12pm)

Jongleurs performance
Fabius the Jester

Flag wavers performance
Flag wavers, musicians and soldiers from Terra del Sole

Lesson on the Medieval riding style and equestrian sports-at-arms
Compagnia del Boccale Cavalieri del Re Nero

Military camps and table games
Organised by Associazione Flos Ferri di Ravenna
Archery exhibition

In the afternoon (from 2.30pm to 7pm)

Readings taken from Orlando Furioso | 2.30pm-3.30pm
Organised by Associazione Culturale Entelechia and Laboratoio Vivacoce

 Armed courtly feats | 4pm - 5.30pm
Knighthood ceremony of the men-at-arms: presentation of the participants, fight, Renessaince dances, jesters music and flags

 Lesson and hints of the history of falconry | At 4.30pm
Organised by Rapax Falcom

 Saracen Joust for children | 4.30pm - 5.30pm
In collaboration with National Museum of Ravenna.
"Knighthood ceremony" for all participants

Reenactment of a joust with horses | 5.30pm - 6.30pm
Knighthood ceremony, presentation of the participants, fights on horses.
Organised by Compagnia del Boccale and Cavalieri del Re Nero

The wizard of the Fortress | At 6.30pm
Puppet Theatre by Sabina Morgagni and Anna Agati

Paola Novara presents her book La Romagna dei castelli e delle rocche
With a particular in-depth reflection on the history of the fortress Rocca Brancaleone

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Rocca Brancaleone - Via Rocca Brancaleone

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