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Pine Nut Festival • 2018

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Pine Nut Festival • 2018
Pinewood of Classe (Parco 1° Maggio) - via Fosso Ghiaia, 1
Dates: 29/04/2018, 01/05/2018

The annual Pine Nut Festival takes place in the green and wonderful Pinewood of Classe.

This natural product – much appreciated for its therapeutic properties and harvested since the 18th century – will be celebrated in the food stands with pine nut specialtiesExhibitions, markets, and archery performances complete the festival.

The harvest of pine nuts traditionally started in spring, when the pine cones were laid in clearings in the pine woods. Afterwards, they were pounded, and the summer heat (or the fire) made the pine cones open and let their delicious seeds out, which released a pleasant resinous scent.

Organized by Comitato Cittadino and the sports club of Fosso Ghiaia in partnership with Ravenna City Council.

Free admission

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Pinewood of Classe (Parco 1° Maggio) - via Fosso Ghiaia, 1
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