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La Cozza di Marina di Ravenna in Festa • 2018

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La Cozza di Marina di Ravenna in Festa • 2018
Fish Market Area - Via Molo Dalmazia, 51
Dates: from 22/06/2018 to 24/06/2018

The 5th edition of La Cozza di Marina di Ravenna in Festa (Marina di Ravenna Mussels Festival) will be held in Ravenna from 22nd to 24th June: a great festival on the shore with not only local mussels, but also fine mussels coming from marinas all over Italy

A three-day event along the port quay of Molo Dalmazia and in the Fish Market area dedicated to the tasting of mussels from Ancona, Scardovari, and Cervia, together with the mussels from Marina, ones of the finest in Italy.

From the tradition of mussels breeding to the preparation of delicious dishes, the real party will be celebrated at the table: over 50 restaurants from the nine beaches of Ravenna and from the city itself will prepare tasty dishes on the wharf Molo Dalmazia and at the Fish Market, a few steps away from Marina's lighthouse.

Two excursions are also scheduled: on Saturday, 23rd June an excursion on boat to observe the harvest of the mussels with spontaneous diffusion at the pillars of the platforms (Reservations are subject to availability: +39 339 4703606) and on Sunday, 24th June an excursion at the heart of the Pialassa Baiona with a final aperitif at the Capanno Degli Spinaroni (by reservation only: 335 375212 /

This event is part of a wider itinerary, the Festival del Mare: it promotes all the events held by the 9 sea authorities that are part of the FLAG (the acronym stands for "Fisheries Local Action Group“). During the festival, there will be tastings, workshops, guided tours, show cooking, meetings aimed at enhancing local fish products along the coast of Emilia Romagna.

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Fish Market Area - Via Molo Dalmazia, 51
+39 339 4703606

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