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War is Over?

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War is Over?
MAR - Ravenna Art Museum - via di Roma, 13
Dates: from 07/10/2018 to 13/01/2019 (on Mondays)
Hours: from 9am to 6pm

From 7th October until 13th January, the MAR - Ravenna Art museum - celebrates and ideally connects with the centennial of the end of World War I through the exhibition “War is over?", offering an itinerary that reflects on conflicts, not at a strictly historical level, but in a wider and almost philosophical way.

As a matter of fact, it is not a simple historic-documentary exhibition, but rather an itinerary that is able to suggest multiple readings about something that has always marked human relationships.

The setting, which has been designed and created with the co-working of the Studio Azzurro direction, helps to make the exhibition itinerary even more suggestive and articulate, developing it through artworks and pictures of great impact. Among these: the monumental tombstone of Guidarello Guidarelli, which is the symbol of the MAR collections, some works of art by Picasso dedicated to war, and finally several contemporary artists such as Abramovic, Marinetti, Boetti, Burri, De Chirico, Haring, Kiefer, Kentridge and Warhol, who, like lighthouses or bearings, guide the visitor throughout the dynamic themes of this exhibition.

It is a project curated by Angela Tecce - historian and art critic, director of Castel Sant’Elmo and then of the Museum Centre of Calabria and the new urban peripheries director of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage Directorate-general for Art and Architecture - and Maurizio Tarantino, the MAR director.

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MAR - Ravenna Art Museum - via di Roma, 13
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