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Dante Plus
Library of Contemporary History “Alfredo Oriani” - Via Corrado Ricci, 26
Dates: from 09/09/2017 to 01/11/2017
Hours: from Monday to Saturday: 9am - 1pm / 3pm - 7pm; Sunday: 3pm - 7pm

Inauguration: Saturday 9 September, 6pm

The month of September in Ravenna is traditionally the month dedicated to the famous poet Dante Alighieri. In this context the collective exhibition Uno, nessuno e centomila volti is held and is programmed from the 9th September to the 1st November in the cloister of the Library of Contemporary History "Alfredo Oriani" in Ravenna.

The exhibition - part of a multi-year project entirely dedicated to Dante Alighieri and to his Divina Commedia that will end in 2021 for the seventh century of his death - aims to gather a group of artists, each of them different in his art, that will try to bring to life a new identity for the poet from drawings to comics to street art.

In fact, Dante is the most famous poet in the world and the Divina Commedia has certainly influenced the fantasy of every generation after him. The work of the poet has endured space and time and still exists nowadays. An exeptional work that succeeds to gather everybody, by talking about our fears, our feelings and our imperfections, a universal piece of art and a universally recognised one.

During the entire period of the exhibition in the gardens of the library, an installation by artist Matteo Capobianco aka Ufocinque, one of the most promising names in the Italian art scene, will take place. He will create 3 panels of 4x4x2m which will symbolise the doors of the Paradiso, Purgatorio and Inferno, using the paper cut tecnique.
A forex panel by artist Salvo Ligama representing the face of Dante will be installed in front of the grave of the famous poet; moreover, during the inauguration, the illustrator Riccardo Guasco will make a live painting on a panel that will again represent the face of Dante.
Thanks to Serimal, silk-screen printings of the face of Dante will be available live. Catalogues of the exhibition will gather all the artworks presented by every artist.

From a project by Marco Miccoli of Bonobolabo.

Artists on display (the artworks are all on sale): About Ponny  AKAB • Andrea D'Ascanio  Andrea Rivola  Arturo Lauria • Collettivo FX  Corrado Roi  Davide Sossella  Davide Bonazzi  Davide Saraceno  Denis Medri  DissensoCognitivo  DZIA  Elisa Seitzinger  Enrico D'Elia Enrico Rambaldi Francesco Dossena Goran Ilaria Urbinati  Jacopo Rosati  Lorenzo Gritti  Marcello Crescenzi  Martoz  Max Petrone  Mirko Càmia • Nicola Alessandrini  Oscar Diodoro  Osvaldo Casanova  Stefano Colferai  Victor Cavazzoni

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Library of Contemporary History “Alfredo Oriani” - Via Corrado Ricci, 26
+39 328 6340102

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