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Andrea Chiesi - I luoghi ultimi

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Andrea Chiesi - I luoghi ultimi
Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste - Piazza Kennedy, 12
Dates: from 23/02/2019 to 24/03/2019
Closing day: Monday
Hours: 3pm - 6pm (Tuesday to Friday); 11am - 6pm (Saturday)

Inauguration: Saturday, 23 February, at 6pm
The exhibition will be introduced by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, artist, writer, and ex-singer of famous groups as PGR, CCCP, CSI

For almost thirty years, Andrea Chiesi has been taking inspiration from the contemporary landscape: he draws and paints abandoned places, factories, suburbs as well as hallways, archives, libraries and mysterious houses' rooms. The real world leaves a background echo that runs through an invisible threshold until arriving in the interior world.

With this exhibition at Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste scheduled from 23 February to 24 March, the artist pays homage to Ravenna, where he has been living and teaching at the Fine Arts Academy for many years.

The places are painted at the end of an era, suspended in time, in a selection of about forty works. They are oil paintings on linen canvas, realised starting from the beginning of the 2000s until today, but there are also ink and pastel paintings, notebooks and covers of albums designed in the 1990s and some works by his young students.

Along the exhibition itinerary, a documentary film by Andrea Nocetti and Giulia Caverni talks about the life, work and study of the artist.

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Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste - Piazza Kennedy, 12