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ToDay ToDance • 2019/2020

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ToDay ToDance • 2019/2020
Artificerie Almagià - via dell'Almagià, 50
Date: 04/10/2019

The Today To Dance festival of contemporary dance returns in Ravenna. The rich and varied programme of events is organized by some of the most important theatre companies in the city, from the historical theatres Dante Alighieri and Luigi Rasi to the more modern spaces, such as Ardis Hall and Artificerie Almagià.

Organized by: Cantieri Danza RavennaE-productionRavenna ManifestazioniRavenna Teatro e Teatro del Drago. In cooperation with Ater – circuito multidisciplinare dell’Emilia Romagna.

Info and booking:, +39 0544 251966

Thursday 16 April [CANCELLED!]

Claudia Castellucci
Il trattamento delle onde | At 4pm and 5pm
Artificerie Almagià - via dell'Almagià 50
Outcome of the Advanced Training course ‘Il ritmo drammatico dell’Istituto di Ricerca di Arte Applicata Societas’
Organized by Cantieri Danza in collaboration with Rete Almagià

Saturday 18 April [CANCELLED!]

Teatro delle Moire / Alessandro Bedosti
Vous êtes pleine de désespoirore | At 7pm
Luigi Rasi Theatre - via di Roma 39

Compagnia Stalker / Daniele Albanese
ElseWhere | At 9pm
At the end of the performances, the artists will meet and talk with the public, with the participation of Alessandro Pontremoli, university professor, and dance historian
Organized by Ravenna Teatro [La stagione dei teatri 2019-2020]


Friday 4 October

Everyone Gets Lighter/All!
| At 10.15pm
Artificerie Almagià - via dell'Almagià 50
A special event by E-production on the Notte d’Oro Off in collaboration with Comune di Ravenna – Tourism Department

Thursday 31 October

Gruppo Nanou
Neverwhere (Prototipo) – Habitat per Luci, Corpi, Occhi | From 7pm to 9pm
MAR Ravenna Art Museum - via di Roma 13
Choreographical installation that invites the spectator to enter and contemplate, leading him on a journey through his mind that goes beyond imagination. It's an immersive journey where some figures immerse in an abstract and flowing setting.
Organized by E-Production [Fèsta19]

Friday 24 January

La Torre (upon invitation) | From 3.30pm
Artificerie Almagià - via dell'Almagià 50

Sguardi sulla Giovane Danza d’autore | From 6.30pm
The outcome of the Advanced Training course 'DanzAutore Contemporaneo': after a year of meetings and lessons with some contemporary choreographers, critics, scholars, and managers of this sector, the inspiring 'dancerthors' present their first choreographical projects that originated from this course.

With Majd Alaalash, Sara Bocchini, Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello, Stefania Canini, Francesca Caselli, Eleonora Galeazzi, Milena Morelli Vaccarini, Marco Oriundo, Francesca Pizzagalli, Linda Ricci, Irene Rossi, Amalia Ruocco, Eleonora Vacca. Promoted by Cantieri Danza, Centro Studi La Torre, IDA, Iscom Emilia-Romagna, Nervitesi.

Sunday 9 February

Tardito Rendina
L’anatra, la Morte e il Tulipano | At 5pm
Artificerie Almagià - via dell'Almagià 50
The unusual and unexpected friendship between the duck and the death recounted though the modies, the movements, the voices of Aldo Rendina and Federica Tardito: a weird, funny, poetic duet. Dance, theatre, music and word performance for all, suitable for children from 7 years of age.
Organized by Teatro del Drago [Le Arti della Marionetta]

Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April [CANCELLED!]

Compagnie Hervé Koubi
Les nuits barbares
 | Saturday at 8.30 pm; Sunday at 3.30pm
Teatro Dante Alighieri - via Angelo Mariani 2
Choreography by Hervé Koubi
Progetto Seminaria: masterclass of contemporary dance with Houssni Mijem on the stage of the Dante Alighieri Theatre on Sunday 5 April
Organized by Ravenna Manifestazioni [Stagione di Danza

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Artificerie Almagià - via dell'Almagià, 50
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