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Ravenna Carnival • 2019

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Ravenna Carnival • 2019
Various venues in Ravenna
Dates: 23/02/2019, 24/02/2019, 28/02/2019, 02/03/2019, 03/03/2019...

The Carnival in Ravenna has always been rich of events, entertaining all the family: the traditional float along the streets near the Loggetta Lombardesca and in Marina di Ravenna, the party at the Artificerie Almagià, the workshops dedicated to the masks curated by The House of Marionettes and much more... and, as the Italian saying goes, "Carnevale presto impazza, tutti quanti nella piazza!" ("Carnival soon whoops it up, everybody's in the Piazza").

Saturday, 23 February

Mask and Mask... | 4.30pm
The House of Marionettes - Vicolo Padenna, 4
Carnival Workshop
Curated by Michela Bellagamba for children from 4 years old

Sunday, 24 February

41st Carnevale dei Ragazzi Città di Ravenna
Carnevale dei Ragazzi | Dalle ore 14.30
Via di Roma e Viale Santi Baldini
Float to which all the parishes of the city take part. 2019 Carnival Theme: “The Joy of Travel”

Thursday, 28 February

La Stagione Dei Piccoli
Reading at the theatre
Luigi Rasi Theatre (Sala Mandiaye N’Diaye) | 5.30pm
The two booksellers Angela and Alberta Longo (Libreria Dante) will stage short stories for kids
Pricing: 6€; Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) 20€

Saturday, 2 March

Almagià in Festa - Le Arti della Marionetta
A Carnevale ogni gioco vale | From 4pm
Show of traditional puppets for children aged 3 years.
To follow games, workshops, snack and animated dances
Pricing: 7€; concession (children and over 65) 5€
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children): 20€; third child 1€; free if younger than 3years old
Info: 392 6664211. Email:

Sunday, 3 March

41° Carnevale dei Ragazzi Città di Ravenna
Carnevale dei Ragazzi | From 2.30pm
Streets and squares in Punta Marina Terme
Float to which all the parishes of the city take part. 2019 Carnival Theme: “The Joy of Travel”


Free admission to every MiBACT culture place: Ravenna National Museum, Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, Mausoleum of Theoderic, the so-called Theoderic's Palace and Arian Baptistery. Info:

Do-Po Vieni al Museo

Animali fantastici. E dove trovarli? Al Museo! | 4.30pm
National Museum of Ravenna - Via San Vitale, 17
Playful trail and workshop suitable for children from 7 years old
Booking is compulsory while seats last:

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Various venues in Ravenna
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