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ScrittuRa Festival • 2018

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ScrittuRa Festival • 2018
Several venues of Ravenna
Dates: from 13/05/2018 to 27/05/2018

For the fifth year in a row, ScrittuRa Festival, the literature and reading festival created by Matteo Cavezzali, will return in Ravenna.

This initiative will see in the piazzas, theatres, streets of Ravenna, Lugo di Romagna and other cities of the Province of Ravenna (Bagnacavallo and Fusignano) international authors like Joël Dicker, Swiss writer who became an international case with The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair and that will have a talking session with Cristina De Stefano; Guillermo Arriaga, the screenwriter of the trilogy Amores Perros, 21 grams and Babel, who will present his new novel The Savage and will talk with Ilide Carmignani, and Maylis de Kerangal, who is considered one of the most important contemporary French writers and who will talk with Alberto Rollo. There will be also the Greek Petros Markarīs who, with his famous Crisis Trilogy (Expiring Loans, Basic Shareholder and Bread, Education, Liberty) told the whole world about the fracture of his land.

Italian writers will be there too, talking about Italy, about its beauties, its fears and about writing, which can be used as a tool to continue researching these things.
Corrado Augias about the beauties of Italy; Daria Bignardi about anxiety; Paolo Giordano about adolescence, from The Solitude of Prime Numbers to the unpublished Divorare il clielo (literally Devouring the sky); Walter Siti about evil; Rosella Postorino about the tasters of Hitler; Ermanno Cavazzoni about surrealistic science fiction; Marco Paolini with Gianfranco Bettin and a modern Pinocchio; Antonio Moresco about tales; Andrea Bajani about poetry; Paolo Di Paolo about classic books of literarure; Sergio Rizzo of Corriere della Sera about investigative journalism; Andrea Marcolongo about love in Greek mythology; Giuseppe Catozzella about the transition to adulthood; Marco Baliani about the art of storytelling; Andrea Gentile about the relationship between life and death; Paolo Di Stefano about the concept of "living"; Chiara Moscardelli and Stefano Tura about noir; Daria Deflorian, Marco Martinelli and Matteo Marchesini about heroes and antiheroes and further more.

A series of very interesting collateral initiatives will start too: writing workshops by the writer Leonardo Colombati and the screenwriter Alessandro Fabbri (limited number of participants, write to, guided tours retracing Dante and Byron, initiatives for children, poetic marathons and an exhibition created by Centro Romagna Arte Contemporanea.

The entire programme will be soon visible on:


Monday, 4 June

Davide Morosinotto "I grandissimi": stories about men and women who changed the world
Corte Cavour | At 5.30pm


The students of the high school Dante Alighieri, helped by the prof. Monica Fabbri, will follow the entire event and work on the blog on which will be images, videos and interviews with the guests of this festival


Wednesday, 23 May

“Notte Noir” with Chiara Moscardelli and Stefano Tura
Piazza Corelli | At 9pm
Stefano Tura, who is a historian and an expert about the British reality and Chiara Moscardelli, very funny and beloved writer, will talk about nois and its relationship with reality.
In case of bad weather conditions, the meeting will take place at the Auditorium Arcangelo Corelli.


Thursday, 24 May

Andrea Marcolongo
Chiostro del Carmine | At 6pm
She is the author of the bestseller La lingua geniale. 9 ragioni per amare il greco (Laterza), and she will talk about La misura eroica. Il mito degli argonauti e il coraggio che spinge gli uomini ad amare (Mondadori)

Laura Morante
Pavaglione | At 9pm
She is an author with a great talent who reached success at a very early age at the side of Carmelo Bene. She worked with Bernardo Bertolucci in La tragedia di un uomo ridicolo, with Nanni Moretti for unforgettable films like Sogni d'oro, Bianca and La stanza del figlio, with Mario Monicelli, Paolo Virzì in Ferie d’agosto and Pupi Avati. She directed two films. Her first book is entitled Brividi immorali (La Nave di Teseo).

Friday, 25 May

Daria Bignardi
Chiostro del Carmine | At 6pm
Journalist, presenter and Italian writer. Storia della mia ansia (Mondadori) is the story of a woman who understands she has no more to fear her dark side - anxiety

Corrado Augias
Pavaglione | At 9pm
Journalist and beloved author, on this occasion he will tell about the beauties of our land as written in Questa nostra Italia. Luoghi del cuore e della memoria (Einaudi). Talkins session with Matteo Cavezzali

Saturday, 26 May

Poetic breakfast with Andrea Bajani
Courtyard of the Hotel Ala d’Oro | At 11am
Writer, playwright and poet, he wrote Un bene al mondo (Einaudi) and the poetic collection Promemoria (Einaudi). He co-worked with authors and musicians like Giuseppe Battiston, Marco Paolini and Jovanotti. Breakfast will be offered by the festival.

Andrea Gentile
Chiostro del Carmine | At 6pm
He is the director of the publishing house "Il Saggiatore" and a writer, he will present on this occasion his novel I vivi e i morti (Minimum Fax)

Antonio Moresco
Pavaglione | At 9pm
In “Fiabe da” (SEM), Moresco analyses the tradition of tales in order to re-discover what we forgot

Sunday, 27 May

Philosophic Breakfast with Francesco Magris and Paolo Nelli | At 11am
The crisis of affections, the individualism, the solitude are all topics that will be discussed with Francesco Magris on this occasion, who is a professor at the university François Rabelais in Tours (France) and author of Libertà totalitaria (La Nave di Teseo) and with Paolo Nelli, professor at the King’s College of London and writer of Trattato di economia affettiva (La Nave di Teseo). Breakfast will be offered by the festival 

Rosella Postorino

Chiostro del Carmine | At 6pm
This writer and Einaudi publisher, in his novel Le assaggiatrici (Feltrinelli) tells about the story of the girls that had the task of tasting the food of Hitler and checking if it was poisoned

Walter Siti

Pavaglione | At 9pm
What is considered the Pure Evil today? What is the last taboo that is left in Western society? The book that made a scandal written by one of the greatest masters of Italian literature: Bruciare tutto (Rizzoli).

* In case of bad weather conditions, all the meetings will take place in the room Salone Estense, except for those with Daria Bignardi and Corrado Augias, which will take place in the Aula Magna of the Ricci Curbastro.


Cloisters of the Chiesa del Carmine in Lugo and in the room il Granaio in Fusignano
Dates: from 12 to 28 May
Virtual tools create a distance, avoiding direct contact with emotions, relationships, nature and reality. In order not to lose orientation and the cardinal directions of life, our conscience asks us to take some time and take a break, unplug from the forest of passwords, the mountains of downloads, e-mail etc. Run by Centro Romagna Arte Contemporanea. 



Monday, 7 May

Gulliermo Arriaga
Palazzo dei Congressi | At 6pm
Gulliermo Arriaga, screenwriter of the director Oscar Alejandro Inarritu (Amores perros, 21 grams, Babel) who was awarded with the Golden Lion for being the director of The Burning Plain starring Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger and the Palm d'Or at the Cannes Festival for the best screenwriter, will talk about The Savage (Bompiani) with Ilide Carmignani

Sunday, 13 May

Petros Markarīs
Palazzo dei Congressi | At 6pm
He is the greatest noir writer in Greece and a screenwriter, as well as friend and coworker of Theo Angelopoulos, for whom he wrote the screenplay, among the others, of Eternity and a Day (Palme d’Or in Cannes in 1988). He is now back with L’università del crimine (La Nave di Teseo), the new adventure of the commissioner Charitos. Talking session between the author and Matteo Cavezzali

Monday, 14 May

Poetic Marathon | At 11am
A performance by the students of the secondary school of Ravenna ITE Ginanni held in the main streets of the city centre, which will be animated also by poetic flash mobs edited by Mrs Prof. Ilaria Cerioli

Maylis de Kerangal
Luigi Rasi Theatre | At 6pm
She is considered one of the greatest French contemporary writers. She published with Feltrinelli Birth of a bridge (2013), Prix Médicis, Heal the Living (2015; Grand Prix RTL-Lire), Lampedusa (2016) e Corniche Kennedy (2018) adapted for cinema by director Dominique Cabrera. Talking session with Alberto Rollo

Joel Dicker
Luigi Rasi Theatre | At 9pm
With The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair he sold 5 millions of copies (it was translated in more than 35 countries), obtaining the Grand Prix du Roman de l’Académie Francaise 2012 and the Prix Goncourt des Lycéens 2012. His last novel is The disappearance of Stéphanie Mailer. The author will talk with Cristina Di Stefano (Corriere della Sera)

Tuesday, 15 May

Gian Mario Villalta
Classense Library | At 6pm
Writer, poet and art director of Pordenonelegge, his last novel is “Bestia da latte” (SEM), which tells the story of a child who grew up in a farm in the 60es, between nature and violence.

Giuseppe Catozzella
Classense Library | At 9pm
With Don't tell me you're afraid (2014) he won the Strega Giovani Prize. In 2017 he published The Great Future and in 2018 E tu splendi (in English "And you're shining"). His novels were translated into 20 foreign languages.

Wednesday, 16 May

“Avventure per nuovi mondi”
Luigi Rasi Theatre | At 5.30pm
Adventures of contemporary heroes and antiheroes, on the stage as well as in the novel.
Talking session with Daria Deflorian (actress, playwright and director), Matteo Marchesini (literary critic and writer), Marco Martinelli (playwright and director). Curated by Rossella Menna (theatre critic and playwright)

Sergio Rizzo
Classense Library | At 9pm
The journalist of the Corriere della Sera and author of the famous inquiry book La Casta (The Caste. How Italian politicians became untouchable) will talk about Il pacco. Indagine sul grande imbroglio delle banche italiane (The package. Inquiry on the great fraud of Italian Banks)

Thursday, 17 May

Leonardo Colombati
Piazza Unità d’Italia | At 6pm
Author of Rio (Rizzoli 2007), Il re (Mondadori 2009), 1960 (Mondadori 2014) and Estate (Mondadori 2018). In 2016, he founded, together with Emanuele Trevi, the writing school Molly Bloom, of which he is the director today. He is also chief of the magazine “Nuovi Argomenti”

Paolo Giordano
Piazza Unità d’Italia | At 9pm
After 10 years from the publishing of The solitude of Prime Numbers (which won the Premio Campiello Opera Prima and the Strega 2008 Prize), Paolo Giordano is back with Divorare il cielo (Einaudi). The author will have a talking session with Matteo Cavezzali.

Friday,18 May

“Ogni volta che si racconta una storia” with Marco Baliani
Piazza Unità d’Italia (in case of bad weather conditions, at the Franciscan Cloisters) | At 5pm
Marco Baliani (actor, author and director) will talk about the capability, which is written anthropologically in our DNAs, to tell and listen to stories, amusing and nourishing ourselves.

Marco Paolini and Gianfranco Bettin

Piazza Unità d’Italia (in case of bad weather conditions, at the Franciscan Cloisters) | At 6pm
Le avventure di Numero Primo (Einaudi) is the last invention of Marco Paolini, a man of theatre and words, who wrote Il racconto del VajontITIS Galileo and Bettin. On this occasion, the authors will talk with Matteo Cavezzali.

Ermanno Cavazzoni
Piazza Unità d’Italia | At 9pm
Writer and screenwriter, he co-worked with Fellini. He wrote several novels like Vite brevi di idioti (Feltrinelli, 1994), Cirenaica (Einaudi, 1999). He will talk about La galassia dei dementi (La Nave di Teseo).

Saturday, 19 May

“What is the publishing industry?” con Cristina Foschini
Piazza Unità d’Italia | At 6pm
Cristina Foschini presents GEMS - Gruppo editoriale Mauri Spagnol, of which are part Garzanti, Bollati Boringhiri, Guanda, Longanesi, TEA, Vallardi, Salani, Chiarelettere, Ponte alla Grazie, Corbaccio and many other.
On this occasion, the topics will be Italian and International publishing.

Paolo Di Stefano and Massimo Siragusa
Piazza Unità d’Italia | At 9pm
Paolo Di Stefano, journalist, writer and correspondent of the newspaper Corriere della Sera and Massimo Siragusa, Sicilian photographer who won many international prizes, including the World Press Photo for four times, will talk about Respirano i muri (Contrasto) and about the relationship that links a man to his own home, which is a very deep and intense feeling

Sunday, 20 May

“Vite che sono la tua” with Paolo Di Paolo
Piazza Unità d’Italia | At 5pm
Writer for the newspaper Repubblica, Paolo Di Paolo will talk about the charm of literary characters, from Tom Sawyer up to the young Holden, from Jane Eyre to Raskòl'nikov

Angela Rastelli and Marco Rossari
Piazza Unità d’Italia | at 6pm
An author and his publisher: the writer Marco Rossari talks with Angela Rastelli, the publisher of Einaudi, in order to better understand the importance of this job which is invisible but at the same time essential for the creation of a book.

Mario Capanna
Piazza Unità d’Italia | At 9pm
The students' leader in the ’68 tells in the novel Noi tutti (Garzanti) how the '68 can be considered connecting the past to the future, today more than ever, after fifty years from that fiery political time

In case of bad weather conditions, all the meetings will take place in the room Sala Muratori (via Ponte Marino 2), except for the meetings with Marco Baliani, Marco Paolini and Gianfranco Bettin, which will be held at the Ancient Franciscan Cloisters (via Dante Alighieri, 2).


Friday, 18 May

Pubblicare | 10am to 1pm
MAR - Ravenna Art Museum - Via di Roma 13
What does happen to a manuscript? - The relationship with the publisher
Presented by Francesco Colombo (Publisher of Einaudi Stile Libero)
Reservation at the library Libreria Dante di Longo or by writing to:

Saturday, 19 May

The art of the voice: the literary word - Immagining and describing - Silence and beauty | 10am to 1pm
MAR - Ravenna Art Museum - Via di Roma 13
Presented by Leonardo Colombati, writer and director of the writing school in Rome Molly Bloom, director of the magazine Nuovi Argomenti
Reservation at the library Libreria Dante di Longo or by writing to

Sunday, 20 May

Writing for cinema | 10am to 1pm
MAR - Ravenna Art Museum - Via di Roma 13
Presented by Alessandro Fabbri - he worked as a screenwriter with Gabriele Salvatores, Giuseppe Capotondi and Stefano Accorsi. 
Reservation at the library Libreria Dante di Longo or by writing to


Saturday, 19 May

Women from Ravenna between art and writing | At 2.30pm
Run by Manuela Farneti

Saturday, 19 May

Walking with Agnello! | At 5pm
Run by Giovanni Gardini
Departure from the library Dante di Longo, mandatory reservation with a 6€-fee


Wednesday, 9 May

Francesco Trento meets the students of the secondary schools Callegari and Ginanni | At 10am
Talking about docufiction, in particular about “Crazy for football”, which was awarded with the David di Donatello

Tuesday, 15 May

Sibode Dj in "La storia di Sibons" | At 5pm
Fantastic music and amazing adventures

Wednesday, 16 May

Nati per Leggere: a guide for parents and future readers | At 6pm
Libreria Dante di Longo - Via Diaz, 39
A bibliographic trail through the books for the youngsters on the occasion of the review "Maggio Dei Libri" - the month of May dedicated to books. Run by the Classense Library Institution

Thursday, 17 May

Pedaleggiamo | At 5pm
Animated readings by bike throughout the city centre for children from 4 to 10 years old


Tuesday, 22 May

“Le visionarie raccontate” by Claudia Durastanti and Veronica Raimo
Cloister on the Convent of San Francesco | At 9pm
Science-fiction, fantasy and feminism. The best of fantasy fiction in a feminist key and narrated by two important voices of Italian contemporary literature, accompanied by the music by Jenny Burnazzi (cello)

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