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Per non morire di televisione • 2018

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Per non morire di televisione • 2018
Palace of Congresses - Largo Firenze, 1
Dates: 09/10/2018, 15/10/2018, 16/10/2018
Hours: 9pm

For 16 years the festival Per non morire di televisione has been presenting the best author documentaries produced in Italy and abroad, offering a precious hint for the comprehension of the complexity of the contemporary reality.

The programme, from 8th to 10th October, features a selection of the best recent productions, and many documentaries on screen have been awarded national and international prizes. They are the emblem of the positive condition of documentary genre today. The focus of this year's edition is on contemporary and 1900's visual arts and on their impact on society, plus an interest on biopic, a genre that is growing in popularity in the field of audiovisuals.

The festival is curated by Fabrizio Varesco and organised by Ravenna Cinema with the joint participation of Ravenna City Council - Culture and Cinema.

Tickets: 4€. The Direction reserves the right to modify the programme.
Under 14 not admitted.

All screenings will be in Italian


Wednesday, 14th November
To Stay Alive: A Method

A film by Arno Hagers; Erik Lieshout; Reinier van Brummelen (Netherlands), 2016 • Duration 70’
To Stay Alive – A Method retraces two lives, the one of rockstar Iggy Pop and the one of writer and essayist Michel Houellebecq.

Thursday, 15th November 
Friendkin Uncut - Un diavolo di regista
Di Francesco Zippel (Italia), 2018 • durata 106’
Il film sarà preceduto dal cortometraggio Numeros di Agostino Cordelli • durata 7’

Friday, 16th November
Piazza Vittorio
Di Abel Ferrara (Italia), 2017 • durata 82’


Saturday, 17th November
Arrivederci Saigon

Di Wilma Labate (Italia), 2018 • durata 80’
Il film sarà preceduto dal cortometraggio La mia vita non è interessante ma accade realmente di Daniele Fermani • durata 4’

Sunday, 18th Nocvember
Don’t blink – Robert Frank 

Di Laura Israel (Usa), 2015 • durata 82’
Il film sarà preceduto dal cortometraggio Macomer Città del futuro di Nicola Homegod Casadio • durata 10’


Monday, 8th October

Boom for real: L'adolescenza di Jean-Michel Basquiat 
A film by Sara Driver (USA), 2017  Duration 78’
The film celebrates the humanity of Jean-Michel Basquiat and not his mythologising. 30 years since his death, he is now considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. He not only was an extraordinary artist but he arrogantly entered the world of arts that has always been reserved for white people until that moment.

Tuesday, 9th October

Evviva Giuseppe
A film by Stefano Consiglio (Italy), 2017  Duration 90’
Life and filmmaking by Giuseppe Bertolucci through the records of friends and colleagues. among them, Bernardo Bertolucci, Nanni Moretti and an unpublished monologue written and interpreted by Roberto Benigni.

Monday, 15th October

Ora e sempre riprendiamoci la vita 
A film by Silvano Agosti (Italy), 2018 • Duration 94’
The new movie by Silvano Agosti is one of the most incisive and present eyes in nowadays filmmaking about the decade 1968/1978.
The filmmaker will be present

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