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Cinema Mariani

The history of Cinema Mariani goes back to 150 years ago. It was built as a theatre in 1863 and turned into a cinema in 1896, the year of the first screening of a motion picture show in Ravenna. Today, the movie theatre is housed inside the Mariani Lifestyle, that hosts a restaurant, a bar, a pastry-shop, a pub, an ice-cream shop and a pizzeria and is located in the city centre.

The 100-seat cinema screens quality films without interval and proposes a series of re-runs and documentary films, meetings with authors and actors and events promoted by the FICE (Italian Federation of Arthouse Cinemas).

The audio technology used is the Dolby Digital 5.1; the cinema is equipped with an automatic 2K digital system.

Air conditioning; assigned seats; restaurant; bar; pastry-shop; pub; ice-cream shop; pizzeria.

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