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Porto Corsini

Porto Corsini is a quiet village located on the opposite bank of the canal of Marina di Ravenna and connected to it by a ferry.

In addition to the traditional tourist attractions and to the pinewoods, Porto Corsini offers the chance to literally "walk into the sea" by strolling on a 2.5 km-long sea wall that delimits the northern side of the harbour. This is very appreciated by fishermen, cyclists and runners.

On the seabed off Porto Corsini lies the wreck of a platform called Piattaforma Paguro (Paguro Platform). Over the years, it has become a natural habitat for fishes, shellfishes and aquatic plants, and a real paradise for divers.


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U.I.T. Porto Corsini - Via Lamone, 18 - Porto Corsini
+39 0544 447688
+39 0544 447688

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