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Lido di Classe

Lido di Classe spreads over a vast area between the Pinewood of Classe and the mouth of the river Savio. It is a tidy, modern village that has been defined "a living room by the sea" for the accuracy of its urban design and its first-rate bathing and accommodation facilities.

Like its neighbouring village Lido di Dante, Lido di Classe is very close to the reserve of the Bevano mouth, a wonderful place with a luxuriant pinewood and public beaches.

An airstrip for microlight planes and a flying school are open all year round to admire the beautiful landscapes from the sky.

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U.I.T. Lido di Classe - Viale Fratelli Vivaldi, 51 - Lido di Classe
+39 0544 939278
+39 0544 939278

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