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Casal Borsetti

Casal Borsetti is the northernmost seaside resort on the coast of Ravenna. Once a small fishing village, Casal Borsetti is today a typical small town located right at the centre of the Po Delta Park and divided in two parts by the picturesque harbour entrance.

Its pinewoods, beaches, hotels and especially its camping sites make of Casal Borsetti a "must" destination for open-air tourism. The Natural Reserve of Punta Alberete and Comacchio Valleys, just a few kilometres northwards, fascinate visitors with their striking views.

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U.I.T. Casal Borsetti - viale Delle Viole, 1/a - Casalborsetti
+39 0544 444912
+39 0544 442112
+39 0544 444912

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