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Along the river Lamone - The Beauty of Land and Water

  • Lamone River

    Lamone River

  • San Giacomo Palace (Russi)

    San Giacomo Palace (Russi)

  • Eco-museum of Marsh Civilization (Villanova di Bagnacavallo)

    Eco-museum of Marsh Civilization (Villanova di Bagnacavallo)

  • Punte Alberete (Ravenna)

    Punte Alberete (Ravenna)

  • San Vitale pine forest (Ravenna)

    San Vitale pine forest (Ravenna)

  • Pialassa della Baiona (Ravenna)

    Pialassa della Baiona (Ravenna)

A 22 miles path along the Lamone river, a water way to be traveled slowly discovering the beauties of a unique territory: the lush plain, the reclaimed valleys, the brackish lagoons, the centuries-old San Vitale pine forest, the flooded forest of Punte Alberete - populated by important species of aquatic avifauna - until you reach the suggestive coastal dunes of the river mouth.

An open air museum enriched by interesting historical and cultural sites such as San Giacomo Palace in Russi and the Eco-museum of Marsh Civilization in Villanova di Bagnacavallo. A tribute to the territory and an invitation to discover the richness that lies in it. A wonderful journey between past and present immersed in a unique environment between history, culture and nature.

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Naturalistic bike trail along Lamone River banks (.pdf)

Point of interest

System of waterfalls remains of river barrage powering an ancient 19th-century mill

Imposing and beautiful holiday manor, built by the Rasponi family at the end of the 17th century

Archaeological complex (I - II cent. A.D.), among the most important and best-preserved of northern Italy

Built to defend the territory in 1371, now houses the Civic Museum and the art collection of the city

Elegant building in the green countryside was the holiday residence of the Hercolani Counts of Bagnacavallo

The building, whose popular name is due to a dog-shaped statue, put there as a guardian

A peculiar Natura 2000 Network site, naturally originated from old abandoned farmland

Built in 1944 by the Government of Canada, houses Canadian soldiers dead during World War Two

A fascinating museum which testimonies the ancient civilization and the original use of marshy herbs

Manor house, built between the 17th and 18th century, with an elegant baroque decorated oratory

Halfway between a castle and a manor house, they were built up in the 16th century by the Rasponi as a refuge for the hordes of bandit raiding the countryside

Segurini House hosts a charming collection of tools, which testifies some aspects of rural civilization, now disappeared

Active until 1988, today it is a nice example of industrial archaeology, with a large nave building and a huge furnace

Interesting natural marsh ecosystem evolved by the abandoned former decantation tanks of beet scrubbing water

Surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the Po Delta Regional Park, it houses the Park Visitor Centre

Imposing building built up in the 16th century as a military garrison and then tuned into a restoring place for pilgrims.

It houses the Visitor Centre of the Po Delta Park and an ornithological collection donated by the naturalist Alfredo Brandolini.

Outstanding flooded forest, visitable an equipped pedestrian path

Fascinating marshy ecosystem, call for various species of birds that come here to feed and nest

Lush historical pine forest, deeply connected to cultural values and local tradition

Vast brackish lagoon connected to the sea, an important feeding ground for thousands of birds of passage.


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