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Madonna del Sudore

A religious emblem of major artistic and historical value is to be found in the Cathedral of Ravenna in its right aisle: the small chapel of the Madonna del Sudore. According to the tradition, the image of the Madonna was situated once behind a niche in an unknown city road, facing a tavern.

Its distinctive name (literally "Weeping Lady") is due to the legend that reports three weeping episodes. The first time a soldier, who came out of the tavern after having lost all his money playing dice, slashed the sacred image with a knife, and it bled.

Over the centuries the "miracle" repeated twice: in April 1512 during the plundering of the Battle of Ravenna, one of the cruellest episodes in Modern History, and in 1630, during an atonement procession to release the people of Ravenna from a vow that they made to be saved by the plague. The salvation was attributed to the intercession of the Madonna del Sudore, and in the same year the Chapel was built.

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