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Ravenna city dock

The City Dock (Darsena della Città) is an artificial water basin built at the end of the last century, mainly as a harbour and an industrial site. The dock lies between Via Trieste (south), the movable bridge (east), Via delle Industrie (north) and the railway station (west) and connects the city centre of Ravenna to the sea through the Candiano Canal.

The whole dock area has been gradually abandoned because of the changes to the productivity and functionality of the port included in “Darsena di città" Urban Renewal Programme. Aim of this programme is the creation of a single territorial system that will enhance the image of Ravenna as a “sea gate” by means of urban renewal and soil reclamation works.

The programme is part of the ongoing urban and regional renewal strategy that belongs to the 1993 town-planning scheme (PRG 1993). The realization of the process is divided into several steps spread over a thirty-year time. At the same time, it offers the possibility to test new city planning tools.

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