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Free beaches

In many seaside resorts of Ravenna there are open stretches of sand, commonly known as free beaches. These are the perfect places for enjoying the seaside in a completely independent way. Normally, public beaches stretch among the beach resorts. Further beaches can be found in the list below

> Casalborsetti: Via Spallazzi – free beach next to Adria beach resort;
> Porto Corsini: protected area called “Duna Costiera di Porto Corsini”; free beach between Mara and Mama Rumba beach resorts;
> Marina di Ravenna: beach south of the breakwater; stretch of beach between Tamerici and Ruvido beach resort;
> Punta Marina Terme: beach in front of Via Sirti;
> Lido di Dante: free beach between Ramazzotti Camping and the protected area of the Bevano mouth;
> Lido di Classe: free beach next to Bisanzio Camping, northbound, close to the mouth of the river Savio.

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