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The Dunes

The sand dune system of the coastal area of Ravenna is typical of sandy coastal plains. The dunes, up to two metres high, are shaped by the constant action of wind and wave and are covered with a particularly interesting vegetation (European searocket, agropyron and marram grass).

“Living” relict dunes can be found between the villages of Punta Marina and Marina di Ravenna. The most interesting dune system in terms of surface and natural environment, though, are stretching between Marina di Ravenna and Porto Corsini. In this strip of land, perennial plants form a more or less thick prairie, that covers both back and advanced embryo dunes.

A further significant area is located south of Ravenna, between Lido di Dante and Lido di Classe, close to the mouth of Bevano stream. The natural Bevano mouth, the coastal dunes and the lagoons of this area are the evidence of the regional coastline as it was before massive human intervention.

Both biotopes are very important for the presence of endangered plants and animals. For this reason, they have been included in the territory of Po Delta Regional Park.

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