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Pialassa della Baiona and Prato Barenicolo

Pialassa Della Baiona lies 10 km north of Ravenna and stretches over 1100 hectares of wetlands connected to the Adriatic Sea only by the Candiano stream and by the entrance of the harbour of Porto Corsini.

The term "Pialassa" originates from the dynamic system typical of this kind of lagoons, that receive (“Piglia”) and return (“lascia”) seawater depending on the tidal levels.

The Pialassa consists of open pools, artificial canals, and sandbanks (the so-called barene). The pools are covered with halophilic plants and salt meadows, the most interesting of which is Prato Barenicolo, dedicated to the Romagna naturalist Pietro Zangheri. This grassland is populated by plants (such as salicornia and Limonium) and animals typical of low brackish waters (avocets, black-winged stilts, waders, gulls). At high tide, it is submerged by the salt waters of Pialassa.

The banks of the entire area are rich in vegetation, that includes various types of plants like Limonium, inula and New York aster, as well as grasses and shrubs like tamarisk, blackthorn, bramble, and clematis. Open waters are covered with green macroalgae, especially sea lettuces. The Pialassa is also a very important feeding place for some nesting bird species (pygmy cormorant, glossy ibis, whiskered tern) and a stopover site for migratory birds (ducks, Charadriiformes). Among the bird colonies, Kentish plovers, avocets and black-winged stilts, as well as egrets and gulls.

Numerous traditional fishing huts (the so-called bilancioni or padelloni) stand along the borders of the basins.

You may visit the lagoon on foot, by bicycle or by a small boat that will let you have the most wonderful views of the area. 


For further information on guided tours

NatuRa Museo, Sant'Alberto (Ra). Tel. (+39) 0544.528710
Information point Casa Monti - Alfonsine (Ra). Tel. (+39) 0544.869808
IAT (Tourist Information Centre) Ravenna. Tel. (+39) 0544.35404 - 35755

How to get there

Pialassa della Baiona is located between Statale Romea 309 and Via Baiona in the direction of Porto Corsini. It can be accessed from the car park of Cà Vecia, where all routes running through San Vitale Pinewood start, or else from Via Delle Valli (Prato Barenicolo) and from the villages of Porto Corsini and Marina Romea. Along Via Baiona, do not miss Capanno Garibaldi (Garibaldi's Hut).

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