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Furlana Valley

The Furlana Valley is situated along the southern bank of the River Reno in Sant'Alberto, east of Boscoforte Peninsula, in an area generally referred to as Southern Comacchio Valleys. It is quite difficult to find a single definition for the valley, because of the numerous natural areas it contains. In the past, every basin was delimited by reed walls that used to join the bumps emerged from the water. At that time, the boundaries changed with every transfer of property or management.

The habitat of Furlana Valley is a refuge and a nesting site for many birds. It is inhabited by almost all seabirds surveyed in the wetlands of the northern Adriatic Sea, for instance the Laridae and Sternidae like the yellow-legged gull, the black-headed gull, slender-billed gull on the mediterranean gull, common tern, lesser crested tern, sandwich tern, little tern, the gull-billed tern, but also the spoonbill, the grey heron, the great egret, the northern shoveler, the gadwall, the pochard, marsh-harrier, the shelduck, the redshank, black-tailed godwit, the black-winged stilt and the pied avocet.

In the summer, it is possible to see other bird species such as the great crested grebe, the little grebe, the cormorant, the mallard, the coot, the common sandpiper, the kentish plover, the zitting cisticola, the sedge warbler, the reed warbler, the great reed warbler, the salcaiola and the reed bunting. Among the fish species are eels, sea basses, sea breams, mullets, gobies, fish needles, blennies, flounders, ninths and gambusiae. The valley is also populated by some mammals like wild rabbits, nutriae and common voles.


For further information on guided tours:
NatuRa Museum, Sant'Alberto (Ra). Tel. (+39) 0544.528710
Infopoint Casa Monti - Alfonsine (Ra). Tel. (+39) 0544.869808
IAT (Tourist Information Centre) Ravenna. Tel. (+39) 0544.35404 - 35755

How to get there
Drive along the Strada Statale Romea and turn westward just south of the Reno river; you will then reach the villages of Mandriole and Sant'Alberto. Once on the southern bank of the river, you can embark on a ferry (on the same spot, there is also a bike and canoe rental) and get to the other bank, that is very close to Furlana Valley. 

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