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The Paguro Platform

The Paguro platform lies on the seabed off Lido di Dante.
On 29 September 1965, an accident during the drilling of a new methane well caused the offshore Agip platform Paguro to explode and sink to the bottom of the sea. The platform now rests 12 miles away from the port of Marina di Ravenna at a depth of 25 metres.

Thanks to the exceptional aquatic life which developed in the artificial reef, the wreck has recently turned into a popular destination for sport divers. The former platform swarms with animal and plant species. Many moving invertebrates like echinoderms, olotuloids, starfishes and ophiuroids live in the area. The fish population is typical of rocky seabeds, which is quite rare for the north-western Adriatic region and includes brown meagres, saddled seabreams, lithognathus, black scorpionfishes, European basses and European congers. Among the shellfishes are European lobsters, scyllarus arctus and some varieties of crabs. Pinna pectinata, many coelenterates, sea anemones and cerianthidae are some of the aquatic plants that grow on the muddy seabed surrounding the wreck.

The Paguro Association was founded in 1995 for the control of the visits to the wreck and for the protection of the biological area.

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