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Piazza dell'Aquila

Since 1882, the name of this square (Piazza dell'Aquila) has been celebrating the day of the breach of Porta Pia and of the capture of Rome (20th September 1870). In the past, it was known as “piazza della legna” (firewood square) “del vino e delle granelle” (wine and grain square), “foro asinaio” (fourm of the donkeys). Yet, the square has always been called “Piazza dell'Aquila” (square of the eagle) because of the crowned eagle placed on top of a column erected in 1609 to celebrate the cardinal legate Bonifacio Caetani, who at that time was reforming the City Council and reopening the port of Ravenna.

On one side of the square stands the façade of the building that has been owned by the Pasolini family since the beginning of the 17th century, an ancient aristocratic family who gave to the city prominent scholars, writers and politicians. On the opposite side, the little square is delimited by the back of the town hall building from the 16th century. A vault decorated with frescos painted in 1873 by Gaetano Savini connects the square with Piazza Maggiore (Piazza del Popolo).

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