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MAS - National Museum of Underwater Activities

Museo Nazionale Delle Attività Subacquee (National Museum of Underwater Activities) was opened on 14 November 1998 by "The historical diving society" (Italy) in cooperation with the Municipality of Ravenna and with several institutions and private societies. Today, this museum is the first and only structure of the kind in Italy. It displays a rich collection of materials, equipment, prints, and dioramas, explained by panels that illustrate the world of underwater activities.

The museum consists of four sections: Navy; Christ of the abyss; Working underwater; Thematic exhibitions

The exhibition also includes a diving bell, placed outside the building, an HDS logo (the 1928 Deane brothers' helmet) depicted on a mosaic panel; a butoscopic turret, a library dedicated to the underwater world, available for scholars and researchers, and a bookshop selling specialized books.

Opening hours

The museum is open all year round by appointment.
Please call: +39 338 7265650 (Vincenzo Cardella)
Email: -

Entrance fee

Ticket: €2.5 
Free entry for Children under 15 years and for students

How to get there

The museum is located 11Km away from Ravenna; bus route n.70

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Piazza Marinai d'Italia, 16
+39 338 7265650

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