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MAR - Ravenna Art Museum

  • Ravenna Art Museum - Giudarello Guidarelli

    Ravenna Art Museum - The statue of Guidarello Guidarelli

  • MAR - Ravenna Art Museum

    MAR - Ravenna Art Museum

  • Public Gardens - Loggetta Lombardesca

    The Public Gardens behind the Loggetta Lombardesca

  • Ravenna Art Museum by night

    Ravenna Art Museum by night

  • Ravenna Art Museum - The cloister by night

    Ravenna Art Museum - The cloister by night

  • Ravenna Art Museum - The contemporary mosaics collection

    Ravenna Art Museum - The contemporary mosaics collection

  • Ravenna Art Museum - Marc Chagall/Antonio Rocchi, untitled, 1951-59

    Ravenna Art Museum - Marc Chagall/Antonio Rocchi, untitled, 1951-59

  • Ravenna Art Museum - Aerial view

    Ravenna Art Museum - Aerial view

MAR – Museo d'Arte della Città di Ravenna (Ravenna Art Museum) is housed in the monumental site known as Loggetta Lombardesca, a monastery from the 16th century belonging to the near Santa Maria in Porto Abbey.

From Napoleon's suppressions until the restoration of the early 1970s, the complex underwent frequent reorganisations and changes of use. Evidences of its original structure are still visible in the Renaissance cloister, in the distribution of space and in the elegant five-arch loggia, symbol and strenght of the whole complex. 

Since 2002, the gallery  has been an institution of the Municipality of Ravenna. Its various sections host both important temporary art exhibitions and three permanent collections, namely:
a collection of ancient artworks, paintings and sculptures from 14th to 19th century, including the outstanding statue of Guidarello Guidarelli by Tullio Lombardi (1525);
a collection of modern artworks from 19th to 21st century, among which a wonderful drawing by Gustav Klimt; 
a collection of contemporary mosaics, including works carried out between mid-20th century and the present day.

Opening hours

From 15 January: 9am - 6pm (Tuesday - Saturday) | Last admission 5.30pm


Art gallery
and Collection of modern and contemporary mosaics

PLEASE NOTICE: from Tuesday 10 January 2017 until the end of March the Collection of Ancient Artworks will not be open to public due to setting arrangements.

From 5 November 2016 to 1 June 2017
La Casa di Nostra Donna 

Closing days

The Museum is closed on Mondays and Sundays, except on Sunday 8 January. Furthermore, it is closed on December 25th and on January 1st.

Ticket Prices

Permanent collection
Until 10 January

Admission fee: 3€
Concessions: 2€ *
* Concessions applies to university students, servicemen, civilian volunteers, over 65 and to card holders of Romagna Visit CardAci, Aiaps, Arci Ravenna, Arte Amica FMR Symposium, Ass. Naz. DLF, Assocral, Atlantide, Brescia Musei, Carta DOC, Carta EYCA, Cartagiovani RA <30, Confcommercio, CONFINDUSTRIA Ravenna, Coop Adriatica, CRAL Comune RA, CTG - Centro turistico giovanile, CTS - Centro turistico studentesco, ENDAS, FAI, Feltrinelli, FIAF fed. It. Ass. fotografiche, Fond. Cassa di Risp Forlì/ Musei S. Domenico, G.S. Robur Angelo Costa SW.S.D. a R.L., Gio Card, Hera, Ikea Rimini, Italia Nostra, Liceo Artistico RA, MIC Faenza, You&Mira Club (Mirabilandia employees), Romagna Creative District, Selecard, Touring club, Travelmix, Unicredit, Unpli Unione Pro loco
From 10 January: 2€ single ticket.

Free entry
For disabled persons and carers, invalids, children and teenagers up to 18 years, students between 6 and 18 years, teachers, journalists, tour guides with identification card and octogenarians

Temporary Exhibitions
Free entry

Collection of modern and contemporary mosaics 
Free entry


The Museum provides a lift and a ramp to the four-sided portico.

How to get there

The Museum is situated in the city centre, in the surroundings of the Basilica Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Planetarium, the so-called Theoderic's Palace and the Church Santa Maria in Porto. Bus parking 150m away (bus n. 4), in Via Santi Baldini; car parking in via di Roma, 50m away. 

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