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Ravenna War Cemetery

The Ravenna War Cemetery was chosen in 1945 as a burial site for the soldiers who died on the surrounding battlefields.

Ravenna was taken by the Canadians at the beginning of December 1944. Before moving to Northwestern Europe, one of the duties of the Canadian Corps was to free the area between Ravenna and the Valli di Comacchio. The fallen of the battle at the front on the river Senio were buried in the cemetery, together with the soldiers from the 10th Indian and the New Zealand Division. Among the dead soldiers resting in the cemetery are 33 men from the Jewish Brigade, which was formed in September 1944 and was mainly made up of volunteers from Palestine. The soldiers buried in the Ravenna cemetery represent the highest number of fallen of this Brigade.

The cemetery, counting 988 graves, also hosts the remains of 33 dead soldiers from the First World War, transferred here from cemeteries of Northeast Italy.


Opening hours

The cemetery is always open and can be visited at any time.

Entrance fee

Free entry

How to get there

The cemetery is situated along a municipal road, 1km south of SS16 which runs from Ravenna to Ferrara, near the village of Piangipane, located in the municipality of Ravenna. Driving on the SS16, at km143 a road sign placed by Commonwealth for war cemeteries (that reads “Piangipane 4 chilometri”) signals that you have to turn left. Follow the road until you reach another indication. You will find the entrance of the cemetery on the left.
The cemetery can be reached also by train. The nearest railway station is Mezzano, but no taxi service is available from there. Taxi service is available at the Ravenna railway station.

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